New York’s Hottest Party, Trish, Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary Tonight

New York’s Hottest Party, Trish, Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary Tonight

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It’s sure to be one of the biggest parties of 2022: New York City’s hottest party, Trish, is turning 1 year old tonight, Feb. 22!

Presented by Rify Royalty and Charlene, two beloved mainstays of New York’s queer nightlife scene, Trish is a party built on music, a great crowd, the perfect venue — calling Brooklyn nightclub 3 Dollar Bill home — and a ton of live drag performance. So it’s no wonder the party was just recently named Best Club Party in New York at last month’s Glam Awards.

The party people behind Trish, Charlene (left) and Rify Royalty (photo by Jeff Eason)

“We were kinda gagged, honestly,” says Rify Royalty. “There were some nightlife heavy hitters on that nominee list, and we hadn’t even made a year, but it goes to show you, if you get behind your community, it will get behind you.”

Charlene echoes that sentiment, noting that her longtime friendship with Rify works in favor of both Trish’s packed performer lineup and its partiers: “We’ve been friends for nearly a decade, so we have the rapport established and the diversity in talents to usher in some of the most sought after drag talents in the world and present them in a way that is comfortable and personable.”

Tonight’s one-year anniversary party continues Trish’s tradition of packing the stage with killer performers. “We’re proud to be presenting Jorgeous to New York for the first time since her stratospheric ascent to one of the fan favorites on the current season of RuPaul’s Drag Race,” says Charlene. “Trish stalwarts are also returning, such as Jasmine Kennedie — another favorite in Season 14, but also a Trish veteran! Junior Mintt is returning, who during her last Trish number got the biggest audience reaction out of our entire year running. Lastly, we have Tina Twirler, who is also fresh from a Glam Award win as this year’s Best Dancer in NYC Nightlife.”

Speaking to Hornet about the birth of Trish, both Rify and Charlene mention how important the party’s timing was. “We created Trish at the exact moment live shows became possible after a year-long closure of club spaces, so initially we were the only show filling that void,” Charlene says. “At that time there was nothing happening, so people were happy to come out, eat chicken tenders and watch some drag!” says Rify.

Hornet is proud to be a sponsor of tonight’s one-year anniversary of Trish!

But even with the rest of the city having opened back up, Trish is still presenting New Yorkers with something fun and original. “Today I’d say we are unique in that we stay true to the drag show format in the club space. We’re at a time that is accessible for everyone, and we feature both local and international talent with equal fervor,” says Charlene.

“Vibes in nightlife are built with music, people, and space. It seems like a simple equation, but there’s subtlety to it,” Charlene says. “You can’t just throw a lineup together and slap a theme on it. You need to know everything else that’s happening so you can do something unique, you need a combination of those elements that will make people feel alive. Can you actually not find anything else like it? It’ll be lit.”

Don’t miss the one-year anniversary of Trish — tonight! — at 3 Dollar Bill in Brooklyn. Tier 3 tickets are still available. Head here to purchase.

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