Who Wears a Watch Anymore? Keep It Old-School With These 10 Unique Timepieces Editors' Picks

Who Wears a Watch Anymore? Keep It Old-School With These 10 Unique Timepieces

Written by Charles Thompson-Wang on July 31, 2018
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Sure, smartwatches are all the rage right now. Whether the Apple Watch or a FitBit, they’ll track your daily activities and keep you online 24 hours a day. But sometimes you just want your watch to tell the time, maybe what day it is. Luckily there are plenty of great watches out there for the guy who likes to keep things simple yet stylish.

Below we’ve gathered 10 of our favorite watches, spanning all price points.

1. Two time zones watch by Ochs & Junior

watch essentials ochs and junior

Dr. Ludwig Oechslin only makes 10 of these ‘two time zone watches’ per year. The simplistic-yet-modern design features an adjustable disc to show two time zones on a single clock. What’s more, they’re fully customizable and available in a variety of colors and materials. Price upon request, oschundjunior.swiss 

2. Tesla Watch

watch essentials tesla watch

If you’re a mad scientist at heart — or maybe just a cosplay fanatic — this analog watch by Tesla is for you. With two fake vacuum tubes lit with red LEDs, you can complete the your steampunk look with this and party like it’s 1899. $70, thinkgeek.com 

3. Devon Tread 1F

watches essentials devon tread 1f

This cutting-edge watch from Devon is the future of all watches. We love the exposed movement of the various watch elements, including a series of conveyor belts monitored by an optical-recognition system keeping track of the precise location of each belt at all times. Few can actually afford these watches, but it’s cool to know they’re out there. $19,950 watches.com 

4. Terra-Time Watch

watch essentials time terra

Inspired by topographic imagery, the face of these watches feature six different layers, giving it a 3-D effect. If that weren’t enough, the stainless steel exterior has been sandblasted for a rugged grey look. $145, ahalife.com 

5. Whiskey barrel wood watch

watch essentials recycled whisky watch

These beautiful eye-catching watches are made of recycled wood from whiskey barrels. The classic design also boasts scratch-resistant glass and quartz movement. Being environmentally conscious has never looked so stylish. Is it time for a drink? $239, thewoodreserve.com 

6. The Promise of Happiness Tiger Watch

watches essential mr jones watch

British watch company Mr. Jones makes Swatch-inspired timepieces for adults. One of our favorites is this Promise of Happiness Tiger watch, featuring a gorgeous graphic image of a tiger looking to the moon for the hour. The tiger’s stripes reveal the minutes. $276, mrjoneswatches.com 

7. Shark Classic Clip Watch

watch essentials freestyle watch

If you find yourself missing the ’80s and early ’90s, these retro watches are calling your name. Day-glo colors are easy to see, but don’t be fooled by the old-school design. These come with modern features like night vision, a stopwatch and an original clip-band system. It’s fun yet truly functional. $55, freestyleusa.com 

8. Sinobi Men’s Sport Watch

watch essentials 2

Who isn’t looking for style at an affordable price? Well, these sport watches are an excellent choice, especially for the active guy. They’re waterproof and shock-resistant, and we love the cool graphics on the watch face that tell the time. $23, lightinthebox.com 

9. GA710 from G-Shock

watch essentials g shock

Sporty guys already know that Casio’s G-Shock is the go-to brand for reliable, durable watches. Now you can buy the iconic GA710 in black and gold. With stainless steel buttons, a stopwatch, countdown timer and an alarm, the G-Shock is one of the most sturdy watches on the market. $130, watches.com 

10. Halograph II from Xeric

watch essentials xeric watch

The Halograph II Automatic watch from Xeric is basically style meets innovation. These watches feature Xeric’s signature display of halo-hands floating over numerical arcs to tell the time. But they also feature two secondary displays integrated into the movement grille, and the day/night window on the left shows your current position relative to the sun. $500, xeric.com 

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