Valentine’s Day Just Won’t Be the Same Without Necco’s Candy Conversation Hearts

Valentine’s Day Just Won’t Be the Same Without Necco’s Candy Conversation Hearts

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We always thought they tasted like semi-sweet chalk, but fans of Necco’s SweetHearts candy conversation hearts are going to be super disappointed when they’re nowhere to be found for Valentine’s Day 2019.

As it turns out, Necco, the company behind SweetHearts Conversation Hearts (which stands for “New England Confectionery Company” — who knew??) will not be selling them this year, for the very first time since the candy’s debut in 1866, 153 years ago.

Side note: Is it possible SweatHearts candy hearts taste so chalky because they were all made 153 years ago?

In July 2018, Necco officially closed up shop, and the SweetHearts candy brand was sold to another business, Spangler Candy Company. And because of the long lead time required to make enough of the conversational candy hearts in time for the V-Day season, Spangler had no choice but to nix the candies for Valentine’s Day 2019.

It apparently takes 11 months (!) to crank out 8 billion SweetHearts candy hearts in time for Valentine’s Day.

But those who will miss Necco’s SweetHearts candy this year will only have to wait until Valentine’s Day 2020 to have them once again. Spangler says they’ll be ready and back on the market by then.

Or, hey, you might just be able to get your hands on some of the SweetHearts that were left over from the 2018 Valentine’s Day season.

Another candy company, Brach’s, sells its own brand of conversation hearts. They’re similar but not the same, as unlike Necco’s SweetHearts candy, the Brach’s version comes in multiple flavors, are a little softer and have laser-printed messages whereas SweetHearts are stamped.

Because Necco’s candy hearts are practically a Valentine’s Day institution, it’s not surprising that other candy companies have entered the “V-Day conversation game.” Sour Patch Kids sells its own version of conversation hearts, and even Oreo is now selling limited-edition cookies that have messages like “Dunk in Love” (we bet those are Beyoncé‘s favorite, though they can’t be, because Oreos aren’t vegan) and “XOXO Oreo.”

So even though SweetHearts candy conversation hearts won’t be around for Valentine’s Day 2019, there are still plenty of other ways you can rot your teeth this month! Rejoice!

Were you planning on buying SweetHearts candy for Valentine’s Day 2019? Are you super bummed?

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