10 Items Perfect for a Fun, Stress-Free Weekend Getaway

10 Items Perfect for a Fun, Stress-Free Weekend Getaway

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Strolling around a sandy beach in Fort Lauderdale. Spending a quiet time at Palm Springs. Or partying till dawn at Fire Island. Who doesn’t love a weekend getaway? If you take care of booking the trip, we’ll take care of figuring out what to pack. Of course, you’ll want to always bring necessities like comfortable shoes or extra underwear — but these items are essential for making your getaway not only stress-free but utterly memorable.

Essentials for your next weekend getaway:

1. Flight001 Minibar Kit

Take your cocktail bar on the road with this minibar kit! Mini flasks? Check! Bar spoon? Check! Recipe booklet? Check! All you need is to supply the booze! $44, flight001.com 

2. Pal Music Player


While this music player may look retro, it’s got everything you need to rock out in the modern age. It comes with Bluetooth headphones, and it’ll even display the name of your playlist on the side in e-ink. Combine the fun of ’80s-style mixtapes with the convenience of mp3s. Price upon request, yankodesign.com 

3. Reflective Outerwear by Canada Goose

Canada Goose’s Harbour jacket isn’t your average outerwear. Not only is it sturdy and waterproof with a seam-sealed design, it’s absolutely gorgeous. And the reflective Birchbark print is perfect for hiking at night. (Or just looking super-stylish during the day.)  $750, canadagoose.com 

4. Smart Toothbrush from Foreo

Your dentist always tells you about the importance of brushing daily. And this smart toothbrush makes it easy. Not only will a single charge last you an entire year, but it’ll also text you if you’re not brushing correctly. It’s like packing your very own dental hygienist! $169, foreo.com 

5. This Hot Water Bottle Cozy

Bad things happen. You might eat something from that cute restaurant you saw that disagrees with you. Or you pull a muscle while hiking. But with this hot water bottle, complete with rainbow cozy, you’ll be feeling yourself again with the power of Pride! $125, barneys.com 

6. All-in-One Trimmer

You’ll want to look your best on your weekend getaway, so touch up your facial hair with Panasonic’s all-in-one trimmer. The super-durable blade is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, so you won’t irritate your sensitive skin. And it comes with three attachments so you can use just one trimmer to take care of your hair, beard and the rest of your body! $100, neimanmarcus.com 

7. Digital Instant Print Camera

Digital cameras are great, but if you ever miss being able to immediately print a photo like you could with the old Polaroids, this new Kodak camera is for you. The retro-inspired look disguises a powerful 10 megapixel sensor — so your pics will look better than ever! $69, amazon.com 

8. Portable Steamer

Don’t you hate it when you pack your best clothes only to get there and discover they’re all wrinkled? This travel steamer from Steamery is here to save the day. The stainless steel plate will smooth out wrinkles quickly and easily — and it only takes 25 seconds to warm up the device. $130, mrporter.com 

9. Travel ID

It’s a small thing, but important — you need an easy way to identify which luggage is yours. But instead of just tying a ribbon to the handle, why not have fun with it? We love these tags from Flight001 with taglines like “You say layover, I say happy hour.” Never lose your luggage again! Starting at $7, flight001.com 

10. The Carry-On by Away

Now that we’ve told you what to pack, you need something to pack. We love the luggage line from Away — it’s lightweight, but has plenty of room for storage. If that weren’t enough, make sure your devices are charged with the included TSA-approved ejectable battery. It’s truly the smartest way to travel. Starting at $225, awaytravel.com 

Are you ready for a fun weekend getaway? Let us know where you’re going below!

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