In Episode 1 of ‘Welcome to Meatland,’ Meatball Heads to BFD, L.A.’s Perviest of Parties

In Episode 1 of ‘Welcome to Meatland,’ Meatball Heads to BFD, L.A.’s Perviest of Parties

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The longest-running weekly gay party in all of Los Angeles, BFD (short for “Big Fat Dick” and held every Thursday night at Fubar), is a perverted little gay boy’s wet dream. That of course makes it the perfect setting for the very first episode of an ongoing video series Hornet is calling Welcome to Meatland. In it, we follow L.A.-based drag queen Meatball as she travels the world and terrorizes (mostly) willing victims along the way.

BFD is the brainchild of Mario Diaz, one of the city’s most famed gay party promoters. (He formerly threw parties in NYC, and Seattle before that, and is also the subject of the documentary Club King.) In addition to being just a great party, featuring great electro-clash music by DJ Riley More, sexy go-go gods and a packed crowd of horny gay guys, BFD offers one thing you won’t find anywhere else: the ultimate in perversion, an anonymous pants-down photo contest.

That’s right. Every night as the crowd gets a bit tipsy, the bar opens up its back room and snaps photos of the nether regions of guys who think they have what it takes. Throughout the evening those photos make it onto a clothesline in the main bar, and before patrons call it a night and head home (usually with another sexy slut in tow), the crowd votes via applause on who they deem the winner.

You just have to see it to believe it.

In episode 1 of Welcome to Meatland, Meatball gets friendly with a few of L.A.’s sexiest go-go dancers, chats up the door guy Sindri and party pro Mario Diaz, gets a little tipsy herself and even performs for the crowd.

Was Meatball fully prepared for what was in store? We aren’t sure. But in the words of Diaz, “Well, I mean, when you call a party Big Fat Dick….”


Watch Meatball terrorize the patrons of BFD at Fubar below:


Stay tuned for more hilarious episodes of Welcome to Meatland!

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