This Brooklyn Donut Shop Has a Secret, and Meatball Is Determined to Spill It

This Brooklyn Donut Shop Has a Secret, and Meatball Is Determined to Spill It

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If you’re looking for New York City’s number one donut, you’ll find it at Dun-Well Donuts, located in Brooklyn. But here’s something you might not know: These donuts have a secret! It’s a secret that — in Welcome to Meatland Episode 4 — L.A. queen Meatball is determined to share with the world, one hole at a time. (Donut holes, we mean.)

While in Brooklyn, Meatball met up with one of Dun-Well’s two owners, Christopher Hollowell. Not only does she ask him about the shop’s hush-hush piece of information (OK, we’ll spill it: everything in the shop is vegan) but Hollowell also puts Meatball to work, having him help create a brand-new donut creation.

As Hollowell (a vegan himself) relays to Meatball, he founded the shop after watching — of all things — an episode of The Simpsons. He found himself craving a donut, but New York City (at the time) had nowhere he could find a deep-fried-and-iced vegan treat, so he and his friend Dan Dunbar took their sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) into their own hands.

“I wanna make a donut!” Meatball tells Hollowell, who then takes her into the back where all the magic happens. Together they go step-by-step through the process, starting cutting the donut shape out of dough. Once the donut is out of the fryer and ready for icing and toppings, Meatball constructs the donut of her dreams — complete with chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles and some purplish-pink glitter (and bronzer?) — before nearly devouring it in a single bite.

“It actually turned out really pretty!” Meatball says.

The next time you find yourself roaming the streets of Brooklyn, you know where to stop for the city’s best donut … with a little secret.

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