Make Your Home Office the Best Office With These 10 Essentials
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Make Your Home Office the Best Office With These 10 Essentials

Written by Charles Thompson-Wang on April 02, 2018
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More and more people are given the option of working from home, and they’re taking it. If you’re one of those people, it’s important to make your home office a productive space. But it should also be comfortable — after all, you’re spending most of your time there. It’s time to invest in making your home office a place where you actually don’t mind spending so much time.

home office 1 working from home


1. Laptop stand

home office laptop stand working from home

A lot of folks prefer doing their work on a laptop. After all, when you just need to see some friendly faces, you can easily pack up and go to the coffee shop. But for those times when you’re working at home, you’ll want a place to put your laptop. Why not invest in this ergonomic laptop stand? Not only will using it be easier on your body, it’s beautiful. $140, 

2. Fade task light

home office desk light working from home

This lamp can slide and turn in any direction, and features dimming and color-temperature control. Available in four colors, this sleek lamp is features an eye-catching design. $250, 

3. Black Wall Shelf from Artifox

home office shelf working from home

This shelf isn’t just your average shelf. Not only is it a stable place to stack books — which you’d expect from a shelf — but it also has a writable, magnetic surface. $100, 

4. Mountie

home office mountie working from home

One downside of using a laptop is that you don’t have the flexibility of a multi-monitor setup. However, the Mountie is here to save the day! This useful gadget lets you attach your smartphone or tablet to the side of your laptop, so you can get your work done in style! (Or just watch YouTube while you file those reports.) $25, 

5. Black Nest Desktop Organizer

home office file organizer working from home

This Yamazaki black nest desktop file organizer is both functional and aesthetically unique. Constructed from steel with a soft-matte finish, this excellent organizer doubles as chic home decor. $25, 

6. Anthropologie picture frames

home office picture frames working from home

Put the focus on the photographs with these gorgeous minimalistic metal frames. Available in three sizes, $18 – $32, 

7. Home humidifier

home office humidifier working from home

This home humidifier isn’t just a unique design element with a classic wood grain finish. It’s also an aroma-diffuser. So while you work, calming smells can fill the air, helping you focus without getting stressed. $29,

8. Desktop bowling set

home office bowling working from home

It’s always important to have the ability to take a break when you’re working. And the next time you’ve got a few minutes between conference call after conference call, throw a few boulders with this miniature bowling alley. $35, 

9. USB fan with LED Clock

home office clock fan working from home

It’s a fan! It’s a clock! Stop! You’re both right! This built-in LED clock shows the time as the blades of the fan spin. And the flexible neck lets you move it into the perfect position. $14, 

home office planter working from home

Did we miss your favorite home office must-have? Let us know below!

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