Five Decades of Pride: 50 Things We Are Proud Of Leading Up to WorldPride 2019

Five Decades of Pride: 50 Things We Are Proud Of Leading Up to WorldPride 2019

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It’s incredible to think that Stonewall is reaching 50, but here we are. Five decades on from a focal point of modern queer liberation, LGBTQ people can today live lives that would have been in many ways unimaginable back then. (Though, interestingly, despite the Stonewall Riots happening in America, the United States has lagged behind many allies on liberation.)

This June, as a nod to the moment that in common queer parlance sparked our liberation, we will see WorldPride come to New York City for the very first time, and it’s a perfect time to celebrate. A month-long celebration throughout June, WorldPride (which has welcomed Hornet as a Platinum Media Sponsor) includes more than 50 events, from rallies to parties to lectures, of course culminating with the world-famous NYC Pride March on Sunday, June 30.

This year, Pride is one for the record books.

The last five decades have been busy, and there’s a lot since June 28, 1969, for the LGBTQ community to be proud of. Here’s a partial list:

1. WorldPride finally makes its way to New York City

What started in Rome in 2000 — and has since brought millions together in Jerusalem, London, Toronto and Madrid — is finally making its way to America. WorldPride 2019 takes place in the same city where the Stonewall Riots, long considered the spark which lit the fire of the greater queer civil rights movement, rocked the establishment.

2. Queer people are taking over TV

We’ve gone from queer characters being the punchlines of jokes to making the jokes. Not to mention a slew of LGBTQ faces behind the scenes of all our favorite series.

3. New queer cinema

Sure, they’re not all masterpieces, but over the last few decades queer people have been able to tell their own stories — authentically — on-screen in a way they never could before.

4. Brunch

To be fair, straight people have been known to eat food between breakfast and lunch, too, but it’s not a pretty sight. These days brunch is just a part of food culture, and yep, us queer people take credit for that. Mimosa, anyone?

5. Pride colors on the White House

After the Supreme Court recognized the freedom to marry, the White House lit up like a rainbow flag. It was a thing of beauty.


Since the mid-’80s this organization has helped lead a revolution in the way media of all stripes has treated us.

7. Happy endings

Gone are the days of every single gay novel ending in death and despair.

8. PrEP

Treatment now exists to stop the spread of HIV, in several forms and for people of all HIV statuses. All we have to do now is smash Gilead’s barbaric price-inflation.

9. Gay athletes

LGBTQ people have been a part of sports since the dawn of time, but these days athletes are increasingly able to be open and proud across every sport.

10. The @lgbt_history Instagram account

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