We Asked Hornet Users to Divulge Their Worst Hookup Ever, With a Twist

We Asked Hornet Users to Divulge Their Worst Hookup Ever, With a Twist

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Everyone has one — a worst hookup ever story. But are you brave enough to share it?

We approached our beloved Hornet users and asked them a very simple question: In exactly 10 words, share with us your worst hookup ever.

And share they did.

From being walked in on by someone (like a parent — eek!) to beinexposed to weird sex stuff you’ve never been into, some of these worst hookup ever stories are definitely ones for the record book!

Here are some Hornet users’ worst hookup ever submissions:

He had a bottle of Nair in the lube drawer. —Timothy

“I confused my loneliness for horniness. Sorry, can you leave?” —Jaime

As I was rimming him he farted in my mouth. —Jobriath

His dog attacked me. I fled through the bathroom window. —Jackson

His photos didn’t show he was missing his front teeth. —Daniel

He wanted to wear diapers while I fed him pizza. —James

“I’m a vampire.” Didn’t believe him. Then he bit me. —Thomas

Oh, those pictures? That is just my wife and kids. —Dannie

Guy did coke off my dick. Thought it was OK. —Allen

Guy wouldn’t leave house. Had to threaten to call cops. —Dan

He wanted to be pampered. Aka diapers and wanted changed. —Kevin

The guy tried to stick his finger in my urethra. —David

A savage who broke my ribs and stole my iPhone. —Ali

Over dinner he sang “Love for Sale” in a restaurant! —Scott

He started to cry as soon as we were finished. —Chris

Kept talking in English porn lingo. We are both German! —Michael

Morning after, his mother asked, “So which one are you?” —Wayne

Wanted to bite off my own arm to escape, ugh. —Larry

He wouldn’t put his dog outside of his bedroom door. —Anthony

Date was great but his smelly breath totally ruined it. —Kristopher

Sang the entire time inside me, left Nazi memorabilia behind. —Sophia

“Not too loud, my parents are upstairs.” He was 34. —Allan

His father walked in just as I came in him! —Leslie

Hooked up, he gave me crabs. Tried to blame me. —Artie

He decided to introduce me to water sports. I left. —Robert

He was prepping and commented “I think I shit myself.” —Corey

Nipple ring got ripped out and I started bleeding everywhere. —Chris

Cat was locked in the bedroom and attacked my balls. —Jason

The dude sweated so badly. It smelled like sour garbage. —Rand

He ate my ass like Walking Dead. (Actual painful biting.) —Franco

Liked my smile and then proceeded to lick my teeth. —Christian

Waited all night, manscaped, groomed, but then he just ghosted. —Casey

Brought his toddler to a threesome, I ended up babysitting. —Chris

Husband’s mate. One night. Crap sex. Never again. ‘Nuff said. —Lexi

He thought I was going to pay him for sex. —Andrés

Song “Agony of Regret” played right after. It was accurate. —Hunter

What about you? Do you have a funny, horrifying or otherwise outrageous worst hookup ever story? We wanna hear it — in exactly 10 words. Sound off in the comments below.

This article was originally published on Dec. 15, 2017

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