What Do You Think a Horror Movie-Scented Candle Smells Like?

What Do You Think a Horror Movie-Scented Candle Smells Like?

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Still hunting down the perfect holiday gift for your ride-or-die, fellow-Movie Pass-holding, always-up-for-a-great-scary-movie bestie? Well, we say opt for a Halloween vibe. Because for those of us who can’t say no to horror movies, All Hallow’s Eve would be even better if it happened 12 months each year. And thanks to one of our favorite film distributors, A24, the new Horror candle is the perfect present.

A24 is the distribution company behind some of our favorite films of 2018 — Hereditary, Eighth Grade, Mid90s, How to Talk to Girls at Parties — and last year, too — The Disaster Artist, Lady Bird, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, The Florida Project, and so on and so on.

But what do they know about candles? Well, funny you should ask.

A24 has released a line of six scented candles, each of which is named after — and smells like? — six different genres of film: Horror, Western, Thriller, Noir, Adventure and Musical.

Naturally, we’re throwing our vote behind the Horror candle. (Oh, and please keep that Musical candle as far away from us as possible.)

“Aromatically speaking, the movies have historically been limited to wafts of hot butter, worn velour and failed experiments with Smell-O-Vision,” says A24 on the website that sells these candles for $48, along with a set of three smaller genre candles for $120.

The A24 line of genre candles

So what does a Horror candle smell like?

If you guessed Toni Collette watching her husband become engulfed in flames and burned alive before her in the living room (it happens in Hereditary, don’t look at me weird), then you’d be wrong. But also maybe right? Not sure.

According to A24, the Horror candle smells of mandarin, clove leaf, cypress, suede and cinnamon bark (not quite burning flesh). The distributor says about the candle, it’s “not unsettling … but not settling.”

Sold! Sounds like a perfect cuddle candle to us!

Head here to purchase the A24 Horror candle, or the other five genre candles.

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