Aja Spills Hot Tea on Gay Men Who Don’t Accept Trans and Non-Binary People, And We’re Here For It

Aja Spills Hot Tea on Gay Men Who Don’t Accept Trans and Non-Binary People, And We’re Here For It

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Aja, the killer queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 and who stepped their pussy up and did the death-defying death drop in All Stars 3, recently spilled a whole kettle’s worth of steaming hot tea on gay people who mock or reject trans and gender non-binary people. They have since deleted one of the most scorching tweets from their Twitter tea party, but worry not: We have receipts for the entire Aja Twitter rant, just in case.

So as a quick background, you should know that Aja refers to themselves as non-binary and a queer artist, not as “a drag queen.” In fact, Aja released an entire video explaining this. Basically, Aja views their art as something more transformative and progressive beyond just “female impersonation.”

They apparently got sick of cisgender gay men mocking, questioning and excluding trans people. And so, yesterday we got a full-on Aja Twitter rant, and. It. Is. Delicious.

Here’s the Aja Twitter rant in full:

At the airport for my flight Spain ✈ Edinburgh so I can get to Dundee and I have some thoughts ?

Why the fuck is the idea of being a gender non-conformist or non-binary so riddling to people in society? Including the gays?

It’s almost like after all the things we’ve gone through as a community and all you’ve learned is to do exactly what society did to you?

I read an entire thread of comments on my videos of me explaining why I didn’t want to be labeled as just a drag queen and honestly I wasn’t going to say anything but bitch, have y’all looked in the mirror?

Y’all are still some soggy ass GAYS who are looked down at in society and bigoted against! Have you realized people still make fun of you and people still say your choices are not correct? That your lifestyle doesn’t MAKE SENSE?

Now, with that being said. When did it become your job to monitor or control anyone’s gender? Including saying that people are trans for attention, bashing femmes, enforcing social heteronormative constructs, etc. Wtf? Really?

Seeking masculine men and a quick fuck discreetly because you’re too much of a coward to be seen in society as the faggots you are? Or questioning everything femme you do in fear of being labeled as femme by people who’s opinions don’t matter?

Here’s the ☕ baby. Gender non-conformists, gender queers, non-binary folks and more are changing the game. We are making the field a safer place for you, by willingly being our selves and not giving a fuck what society says because we are BRAVE.

When you had a dick in your ass last night and let that random guy cum inside of you for a cheap thrill and then walked home in shame of who you really are, what did you contribute to our community? In comparison to someone just living their truth.

So other people in our big ☔- be mindful of those who are paving the way for you to even be yourself, and be mindful that our community is held under a Lens of hate in the world. Instead of moving backward let’s move forward and listen to what your community has to say

Be inclusive of the entire trans community because they are literal angels and are so important. Including non binary, genderqueers, etc. Have respect, and be thankful.

And don’t tell someone who says they’re not labeling their art as drag this bullshit:

OH AND MOTHAFUCKIN LASTLY – It is not funny when you hoes be like “oh I’m gonna identity as a dog ? now” “oh I’m a tree today ?” as a mockery to gender identities. It’s not funny and you look like a fuckin idiot.

What do you think of the Aja Twitter rant?

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