Aja’s Amazing ‘All Stars 3’ Death Drop Has Spawned Our New Favorite Meme

Aja’s Amazing ‘All Stars 3’ Death Drop Has Spawned Our New Favorite Meme

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If you watched last week’s premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, then you saw Brooklyn-based queen Aja drop the deadliest death drop that has been death-dropped onto the reality show’s runway. (Though we hear the technical term for the dance move is “a dip.”) Seeing Aja climb onto that elevated platform, fellow competitor Milk muttered aloud, Is she gonna jump from there? while Morgan McMichaels looked on in horror. And then … shablam! She did.

Spoiler alert: The below story does contain some spoilers from All Stars 3 episode 1.

In case you missed it, here’s the Aja death drop to rule them all:

Since then, a meme called Is She Gonna Jump From There (#IsSheGonnaJumpFromThere) has been trending on Twitter, with Drag Race fans piecing together famous scenes of performers leaping from great heights, intercut with Milk’s dramatic question.

Let’s check out some of our favorite Is She Gonna Jump From There memes:


Lady Gaga’s flying leap from the top of the 2017 Super Bowl stadium:


King Tommen’s (literal) death drop in the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones:

Scorpion helping Sub-Zero “death drop” into a spiked pit in Mortal Kombat:


Neve Campbell avoiding death by dropping from a roof in Scream:

Our grades take a death drop after mid-terms and partying:

Mike avoids a death drop in Stranger Things Season 1:

Thelma and Louise try a daring automotive death drop of their own:

Bruce Willis’ explosive death drop from the first Die Hard (he of course survives for the many sequels):

Fellow Drag Race competitor Trixie Mattel survives an unintentional “death drop”:

In case you missed it, Aja’s amazing death drop allowed her to “lip sync for her legacy” at the end of the All Stars 3 episode against BenDeLaCreme for the chance to eliminate one of her sisters.

They both performed to Nikki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” and while there wasn’t really a clear winner from their performance, as they each took different approaches to the track, Aja was more Nicki Minaj while BenDaLaCreme was more … Bea Arthur?

In the end, BenDaLaCreme’s comedic timing gave her the chance to send a queen packing.

That queen ended up being Morgan McMichaels, whose spot in the competition was unfortunately dealt a death drop of its own. But, hey, thanks to Morgan we have the best thing to come out of All Stars 3 thus far: The Is She Gonna Jump From There meme.

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