Twitter Is Abuzz With Talk of ‘Big Dick Energy,’ But What Is It?

Twitter Is Abuzz With Talk of ‘Big Dick Energy,’ But What Is It?

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For centuries, large penises have been equated to increased virility, confidence, charm and bedroom prowess. So it makes sense that belief has found its way into modern day social media, with many now referring to positive masculine influence as “big dick energy.” And in a true progressive spirit, it turns out you don’t need a penis to exhibit big dick energy, because it’s about your confidence and swagger rather than what’s between your legs.

Apparently the trend began after the passing of adventurous American chef Anthony Bourdain. In discussing Bourdain’s fearless and enthusiastic approach to life, Twitter user @imbobswaget said, “We’re talking about how Anthony Bourdain had big dick energy, which is what he would have wanted.”

Although the phrase had been on Twitter before then, the phrase apparently took off since then, gaining new life after @babyvietcong tweeted that, like singer Ariana Grande, she too would marry Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson after just one month of dating because he “is 6’3 with dark circles, exudes big dick energy, looks evil but apparently is an angel and loves his girl publicly.”

Pete Davidson

Indeed, not long ago Grande commented on Twitter about Davidson being “10 inches long,” so perhaps @babyvietcong is more perceptive that she realized.

But, as some have pointed out, you don’t have to actually have a large penis — or even be male — to exude big dick energy. In fact, many Twitter users have been repeating the phrase, including many women.

But let’s take a second to address these last two tweets. First, people using the phrase intend for it to be a positive thing, even though penises and people acting like “big dicks” have long proven to act negatively. While lots of douchebags would undoubtedly like to think they exude “big dick energy,” others would say that cockiness and arrogance are actually forms of insecurity and not really “big dick energy.”

Also, while everyone seems to be saying big dick energy in jest, it does carry with it a tinge of body shaming insofar as it implies that smaller endowed men are less energetic, confident or worthy. Perhaps it’s more helpful if we think of “big” as a relative term — after all, big dick energy isn’t a state of being, it’s a state of mind.

What do you think of the phrase big dick energy? Do you use it?

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