Everyone Has an Opinion About Sexy Pennsylvania Congressman Brian Sims’ New Hairstyle

Everyone Has an Opinion About Sexy Pennsylvania Congressman Brian Sims’ New Hairstyle

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We totally have a crush on Brian Sims. Not only does Pennsylvania’s hottest local representative have great politics, he’s also the state’s first openly gay state legislator. Also, as Brian Sims’ new hairstyle shows us, he’s now a total silver fox.

Brian Sims’ new hairstyle

Today, we got our first glimpse of Brian Sims’ new hairstyle. He posted the above image to his Instagram, with the caption, “‘Gray hairs seem to my fancy like the soft light of the moon, silvering over the evening of life.’ —Jean Paul.” (Jean Paul is a German Romantic-era writer.)

Sims recently made the decision to hit full-on silver fox mode, and since people have eyes, they’ve been weighing in.

Generally the response has been very positive. Instagrammers have called him “stunningly gorgeous and sexy” and “hot as fuck,” and a number of people also said Anderson Cooper should watch out lest Brian Sims’ new hairstyle grabs him the title of “King of the Silver Foxes.”

Our favorite comment though was @jwbethard, who wrote, “It resembles a Clark Kent kind of look… which is appropriate being you’re my hero.” (Awww…)

A photo from this weekend before Brian Sims’ new hairstyle went fully grey

Of course, Brian Sims’ new hairstyle isn’t the only reason we love him. (After all, we loved him before he turned silver fox.) He first charmed us when, after being trolled online by racist, homophobic posts, Sims called his troll’s grandmother to let her know how her grandson was spending his free time.

Sims has also been openly critical of one of the biggest homophobic trolls in politics, Vice President Mike Pence. This July, when Pence visited Philadelphia, Sims shared a photo of himself flipping off the VP and telling him to “Get bent, then get out.”

And when he’s not calling out homophobic idiots, he’s doing totally adorable stuff like lip syncing to “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.

What do you think of Brian Sims’ new hairstyle?

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