We Had No Idea That a Condom Sizer Card Is a Thing

We Had No Idea That a Condom Sizer Card Is a Thing

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Pasante, one of the largest independent condom manufacturers in the U.K., has released a condom sizer card that allows men to slip their erect penises into differently sized holes, all to determine what size condom will work best for them.

While it’s super important to use condoms that actually fit your penis size, we hope Pasante’s condom sizer card isn’t made solely out of hard cardboard, because sticking your penis into that would hurt. (We hear.)

A condom sizer card sounds funny, but size matters when it comes to condoms

A copy of Pasante’s condom sizer card

According to one custom-size condom manufacturer, various condom studies have shown that one-size-fits-all condoms don’t actually fit anywhere from 40–45% of people with penises. Either the condoms are too long, too short, too tight or too loose.

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When a condom is too tight it can be difficult to put on quickly and it can uncomfortably constrict the penis, causing pain and reducing blood flow, both of which can lead any guy to lose his erection. When a condom is too loose it bunches up near the base, which can reduce sexual stimulation and even run the risk of slipping off during sex.

Often gay men will use whatever condoms they get for free at the gay bar, or they’ll just buy whatever’s cheapest at the drug store, but it’s a good idea to really examine and experiment to see which ones are going to work best for you.

How other condom companies have dealt with sizing

Not all condom companies use condom sizer cards, of course.

Last fall a company called the Global Protection Corporation started selling “custom-fit condoms in 60 sizes, in combinations of 10 lengths and nine circumferences.” They also provided a printable ruler to help guys accurately measure the length and girth of their penis.

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According to that company’s website, most standard condoms are nearly 7 inches long, at least one-and-a-half inches longer than the average penis size, which is 5.57 inches.

What do you think of Pasante’s condom sizer card? Would you use one?

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