The Bulge on This Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Is Permanently Polished Thanks to Pervs Touching It

The Bulge on This Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Is Permanently Polished Thanks to Pervs Touching It

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Cristiano Ronaldo has rather interesting luck when it comes to statues. In 2017, the super famous soccer player had a bust of himself unveiled at Madeira Airport in Portugal that was, well, downright scary. (At the time we remarked that it actually looks more like Eric Trump than Ronaldo.) And now it’s come to our attention that a different Cristiano Ronaldo statue is being permanently molested by pervs in the city of Funchal.

The Cristiano Ronaldo statue in Funchal, Portugal, went up in 2014 at the soccer star’s own Pestana CR7 hotel. Made of bronze, by now it’s rather dull, with the bulk of the full-body statue a dark brown color. Except for the crotch, that is, which is nice and polished due to so many people placing their hands (and god knows what other body parts) on it.

Who knew that tourists in Portugal were so pervy?

Yes, thanks to a high number of people rubbing and placing their hands on the crotch of this Cristiano Ronaldo statue, his bronze bulge is a shiny, warm, gold-ish color. As Jezebel commented, “He’s the man with the golden crotch.”

Glimpse the polished crotch of the Cristiano Ronaldo statue (and a few pervy Instagrammers) here:

This woman looks like she’s about to get in on the action:

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Someone's keen to meet the #ronaldostatue #goldenballs

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These two people are double-teaming the Cristiano Ronaldo statue:

The statue’s crotch shines bright like a diamond.

Even at night you could locate the statue in a pinch.

One thing is certain, though. Even with a shiny crotch that can blind you if you get too close, the full-body Cristiano Ronaldo statue in Funchal is so much less scary than this horrific bust of one of the world’s most famous soccer players.

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If given the chance, what would you do to the Cristiano Ronaldo statue?