Watch the Girls of ‘Drag Race’ Season 10 Answer Intimate Questions About Their Sex Lives

Watch the Girls of ‘Drag Race’ Season 10 Answer Intimate Questions About Their Sex Lives

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In a recent interview highlighting the It’s Your Sex Life campaign, several drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 talked about revealing aspects of their sex lives. It turns out that drag queen sex lives are a lot like non-drag queen sex lives: There’s worries about douching, a lack of sex education from our sex-phobic culture and the feeling that maybe we should’ve turned down a few sexual experiences.

The interview about drag queen sex lives starts off with Monét X Change (pictured above) admitting, “No one ever told me that foreplay was very important. A lot of people, they wanna just get straight to the intercourse part of it. It’s like, ‘No, girl!’ The buildup is the best part.”

When it comes to douching, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo says, “Nobody even wanna think about anything coming out your ass, let alone you shoving [an enema] in there, washing it out — it’s not cute.”

He says that people should talk about it and offers this additional piece of advice: “If you a bottom, don’t do no Mexican because it can get real Exorcist in the room.”

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Unfazed by the prospect of messy bottoming, Monique Heart says, “It’s messy. The best things in life are messy: birth, death, food and sex.”

But X Change disagrees with Mateo. “It is hard to pry me away from a Chipotle bowl,” X Change says. “That is my life. I eat them about four or five times a week, so I’m not gonna govern my sex life by that because I’m like, ‘I love Chipotle.’”

Rolling her eyes and putting on a conceited voice, X Change says, “I’m, like, currently touring the world. I don’t have time to prepare myself for you.” But then she gets real and says, “After, like, a long night at the gig, the last thing you wanna do is, like, sit on your toilet for like an hour trying to make sure the water runs clean. You know what I mean? So I think more drag queens are likely to be tops.”

When asked which things he wished he that someone had told him about sex, Monique Heart says, “Positions. I just only knew about, like, sex with women. So, when it came to boys, I was just like, ‘Okay, well. Where’s your vagina?’”

Miz Cracker

Dusty Bottoms adds, “I understand that when we teach sex education, it is all for reproductive purposes. But I also think that maybe we should go beyond reproductive purposes and we should talk about the whole scope of sex. Take the stigma away from sex being some taboo, secret ‘don’t do it’ thing.”

But leave it to Miz Cracker to have the most heartbreaking admission of all. He says, “I wish that a liberal person had told me that the age of sexual choice is really about choice: You can have sex when you want to. You are not forced to have sex because everyone else is. You do it when it’s right for you.”

He continues, “If I could go back and only have the sex that I wanted, instead of the sex I felt was expected of me or that I was too drunk to escape or that I was too shy to escape or that I thought I had to do in order to be pretty, I feel like my life would’ve been a lot happier. Instead, I ended up a comedian.”

Tears of a clown, y’all. Tears of a clown.

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