10 Queens We’d Like to See Snatch the Supermonster Crown on ‘Dragula’ Season 3

10 Queens We’d Like to See Snatch the Supermonster Crown on ‘Dragula’ Season 3

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Drag monsters rejoice! Casting for The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula Season 3 is upon us. (And for those of you who claim to be drag fans but don’t know of Dragula, you should be ashamed of yourselves!)

The show is a combination of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Fear Factor. Like Drag Race, the queens compete for a cash prize and the title of “World’s Drag Supermonster.” The aesthetic of these queens, however, differ from Ru queens — they’re darker, alternative, genderless, grotesque, goth and straight-up terrifying.

We asked the Boulet Brothers what they’re looking for in Dragula Season 3 contestants, and here’s what they said: “We want fun, tough, wild thrill seekers who want to shock half of our viewers and piss off the other half. We want drag artists who will redefine what drag is to the world and where it’s going. We want to remind people that drag is powerful, political, shocking, offensive and beautiful, and we are looking for artists that will take that idea to the highest possible level!”

As we like to put it, Drag Race is for the gays who find acceptance by other mainstream gays. Dragula is for the queer outcasts deemed too weird by the “homonormative” gay community.

Instead of lip-syncing for their lives during the elimination, Dragula queens face “extermination.” That’s where the Fear Factor component comes in. Queens have been buried alive, have eaten brains and have been submerged in ice, pierced and even tattooed, all to avoid being eliminated from the competition series.

If you think you have what it takes to become the world’s next drag super monster, head here for more info on how to audition.

Looking forward to the Dragula Season 3 premiere, here are 10 queens we’d like to see compete:


1. Peroxide Femanon

This NYC queen describes herself as “profoundly basic” on her Instagram profile, but God knows that’s far from the case. Peroxide has the perfect blend of fashion and horror — exactly what’s needed to slay on Dragula.

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