10 Essentials Every Guy Needs for His Next Desert Trip

10 Essentials Every Guy Needs for His Next Desert Trip

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Whether you’re headed to Coachella, Burning Man or just a poolside weekend getaway in Palm Springs, you’ll need to pack accordingly for a warm desert trip. We’re not saying you need to bring trunks of luggage like the gals from Sex and the City en route to Abu Dhabi. That said, you will need to bring a few necessities other than the obvious sunblock, water and a sexy pair of shades.


Here are 10 essentials for a fun, safe desert trip:

1. Fanny Pack

Yeah, the fanny pack gets a lot of unnecessary criticism, and there’s no denying it’s a loaded fashion statement. But we’re bringing fannies back. Not only can they be stylish, they’re really useful. They’re perfect for storing essential items like chapstick to protect you from the sun. $19, us.asos.com 

2. Bandana

Not just a hanky, the bandana is protective gear while on your desert trip. If it gets too hot, soak it in water and wrap it around your neck to cool off. Dealing with gusts of unforgiving desert wind? It doubles as a mask. $40, ralphlauren.com 

3. Bucket hat

Protect that scalp when you’re out hiking in the heat. Opt for a bucket hat as one of your must-have accessories. Because trust us, nothing is worse than a sunburned scalp. $75, carhartt-wip.com 

4. Sweat-absorbing socks

Whether you’re hiking during the day or dancing the night away, perspiration-absorbing socks are a foot’s best friend. Breathable fabric keeps moisture away, keeping you dry no matter how much you sweat. $12, duluthtrading.com 

5. Breathable clothing

Like sweat-absorbing socks, lightweight, breathable clothing will keep you warm and dry in any environment. The temperature in the desert fluctuates significantly as day turns to night, so don’t forget to bring a jacket with you if you’re partying late. Top, $55, freeflyapparel.com 

6. GoPro Hero

The GoPro is the best camera on the market for action shots. And if that weren’t great enough, the latest model, the GoPro Hero, is an affordable option with all the same functionality you expect from GoPro. $199, amazon.com 

7. External battery and phone charger

The savvy traveler knows there’s nothing worse than running out of power … and won’t ever let it happen again. Take this external battery and phone charger along so you can keep your smartphone charged. $28, geniuspack.com 

8. Comfortable shoes

You can love your Gucci, Louis and Prada, but when you’re on a dusty trail, it doesn’t matter the name you’re wearing; you’ll need something comfortable. Try a pair of hybrid hiking sneakers like the La Sportiva TX3. Its rubber sole offers stability while its wide forefoot fit provides excellent all-day comfort. $135, amazon.com 

9. Blanket for the night

Even though you may think of the desert’s hot hot heat, it gets cold as soon as the sun goes down. Bring a cozy blanket on that desert stargazing trip. $40, rei.com 

10. Champagne

Vacation is a time for celebration, and what better way to get a party started than with a nice, chilled bottle of Veuve under the sun (or stars). $52, veuveclicquot.com 


What do you pack for a desert trip? Let us know in the comments.

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