Snip, Snip: 4 Tips For Finding the Perfect Hair Stylist

Snip, Snip: 4 Tips For Finding the Perfect Hair Stylist

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At least once in a lifetime, every man has to find someone to tame his hair. But if you just walk into a random barbershop with the expectation of finding a hair stylist who’s perfect for you, you’ll likely be disappointed.

And who wants to be stuck with a hair-don’t for a month?

Avoid the risk by following these four tips to finding a hair stylist who’s your perfect match.

1. Ask for references.

The best way to find a stylish hair stylist is to ask your friends for referrals. Ask them for the best experience they’ve had — and be sure to get the stylist’s name and their expertise. If you’re clean-shaven, you don’t need to see a guy who works wonders with beards, after all.

2. Know what you use.

If you love specific grooming products, make sure the hair stylists you’re considering use them. Different salons typically use different products, so don’t be stuck with product you hate just because you didn’t check.

3. Do your research.

Research is important for everything — including finding a hair stylist. You don’t just buy the first phone you see, do you? Check Google for online reviews, but don’t just go by the star rating. Make sure to actually read the reviews, both positive and negative. Sometimes negative reviews are from some nut with an axe to grind.

4. Use social media.

Social media has enormous power. If you’re coming up empty when looking for a good hair stylist near you, try checking Instagram. These days every salon has an Instagram account where they post client reviews, before-and-after shots and more.

When Finding a Hair Stylist, What Should You Look For?

Now that you’ve found a hair stylist to try, what should you look for to make sure they’re a perfect match? Keep these in mind, and don’t be afraid to try another salon or barber shop if the first one you try doesn’t meet your standards.

Don’t be afraid to make your desires known. Your hair stylist serves you, not the other way around. A good hair stylist will listen to what you want.

Do you have any other tips for finding a hair stylist?

Zac Ferry is a guest blogger working for Goodfellaz Salon in Benowa, Australia.

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