There Are 150+ New Emojis, But They Left Out These 10 Every Gay Man Needs Tech

There Are 150+ New Emojis, But They Left Out These 10 Every Gay Man Needs

Written by Daniel Villarreal on February 13, 2018
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Unicode, the organization that helps ensure consistent emojis appear on different computers and phones, just announced over 150 new emojis for 2018 (video below). And while it has some helpful new icons — like bones, a teddy bear, salt, a supervillain for when you’re scheming and a badger for when you “really don’t give a shit” — there are still 10 gay emojis we’d like to see in the next batch (and they don’t include some of the gay emojis we suggested for effective sexting).


Here a list of 10 gay emojis that would help out every gay man:

1. Briefs and/or Jockstrap

blue underwear for tranquility
Photo credit: rebelsky3511 via Foter.com / CC BY

Emojis currently have a bikini for ladies and even unisex socks, but no male swimsuit or underwear. We’d settle for an ambiguous pair of yellow undies that could double as a Speedo, but really we’d love that and a jockstrap. Consider the high number of athletes and fetishists who use jockstraps, they’d be a popular emoji for designating sweaty action or go-go boys.


2. A pink star

pink star gay emoji

For when the peach emoji just isn’t explicit enough.


3. A lampshade

gay emojis lampshade

In the current emoji set, if you want to denote throwing shade, you have to settle for an umbrella or a beach umbrella. So perhaps a throwing arm would be good and also a lampshade — not a lamp, a lamp shade.


4. Blue pill and/or condom

PrEP Michael Lucas

Considering that 36.7 million people in the world are currently living with HIV, it’s important for web users to be able to designate HIV-prevention options like pre-exposure prophylactics (PrEP), in a blue pill, or a condom. It could help people discuss sexual health and the blue pill could double as a Viagra — schwing!


5. Weed and/or poppers

gay emoji pot

Considering that there are literally nine emojis for different types of alcohol, why aren’t there any for cannabis or other recreational drugs? Seeing as weed is slowly becoming legal around the U.S., it’s high time to include it.

And if Unicode really wants to celebrate gay sex, they can also toss in a brown glass vial of poppers. A yellow label with a red lightning bolt is all they’d need to let gay men know what’s up while the heteros mistake it for an energy drink.


6. Transgender symbol

gay emojis trans sign

Whether you’re a gay transgender person or a lover of trans people, a trans symbol would help give recognition to those of us who are trans or somewhat gender-fluid, a concept difficult to convey through current emojis.


7. Harness

leather harness
Iman Studios, Rumpus Harness

There’s no symbol for leather or kink right now. Let’s change that, zaddy.


8. Dumpster

dumpster gay emojis

Place this icon with milk and sweatdrops or a fire and you either have your best friend or a symbol of the Trump Administration.


9. Mirror Ball

gay emojis mirror ball

Although the current set has a male and female dancer, an iconic disco-era mirror ball conveys the glitz, glamor and debauchery of a proper club night in a way that the other emojis just don’t.


10. Otter

gay emojis otter

There are already bears, foxes and wolves. Isn’t it time for an otter? (Or a twinkie for that matter?)


All 157 new Emojis:

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