These 10 Sexy Emojis Are Perfect for Late-Night Sexting

These 10 Sexy Emojis Are Perfect for Late-Night Sexting

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Sure, sexy emojis help improve your chances of getting laid, but the standard set will only take you so far.

You can make any number of suggestive combinations using the taco, chicken, and popping champagne bottle emojis (not to mention the smiling devil face and finger gesture emojis), but we wanted to point out some of the most effective sexy emojis and a few alternatives when the standard set just ain’t enough.

1. Eggplant

image via Emojipedia

Even people who have never eaten an eggplant in real life know that the eggplant emoji totally resembles a big dong. The only way they could make it less subtle would be to add skin tones to it.

2. Peach

image via Emojipedia

When rumors hit the web of Apple reshaping its peach emoji to look less like a human butt, the internet freaked out. Luckily they relented, giving us all something to put next to our eggplants.

3. Pig

image via Emojipedia

While we’re also fans of the innuendo-laden snake, chicken, squirrel and puppy, nothing says “pork me” or “let’s get dirty” better than the pig emoji. Whether you’re looking to sniff a dude’s musky spots, wallow in some dirty play or go “digging for truffles,” Porky here is the way to go.

4. Sweat Drops

image via Emojipedia

Although they place this one alongside other nature and weather emoji, we all know these drops aren’t rain or “sweat” like they want us to think. They’re jism, and a lot of it—full stop.

5. Top/Bttm/Vers

Of course the tops get two emojis while vers and bottom folks only get one each. That’s top-favoritism for ya. But know this: There are probably way more versatile and bottom guys than tops. They might get two emojis, but it’s a vers-bottom’s world, y’all.

6. Drooling Face

You might’ve missed this hidden gem in the latest update of the standard emoji set, but we’ll say this much: This face is not drooling over food. No ma’am—this face is hungry for something else. In fact, we’re not even sure that’s drool at all.

7. Sexy Underwear

Nothing says, “I want head” more clearly than an emoji of boxer briefs with a licking mouth on the crotch. You’re probably thinking, What??!? How did I miss the sexy underwear emoji?!! No, you have’t gone crazy. It’s actually one of the many sexy emojis on Flirtmoji, a $2.99 app that has become our favorite for sexytime texting.

8. Dripping Candle

When you’re craving BDSM action, the standard emoji set doesn’t offer much. That’s why we love Flirtmoji’s dripping candle pic. It says, “Burn me with hot wax” while also managing to look like a large dripping dong. And Flirtmoji has other images like fuzzy handcuffs, a flogger and a boner in gym shorts when subtlety ain’t enough.

9. A Twinkie

We love double meanings. Are you craving a twink? Do you want to get stuffed with cream? Whether you’re looking to play host or hostess, this iconic snack cake serves up just what your appetite needs.

10. A Hairy Otter in Briefs

Sometimes suggestive emoji just aren’t enough when all you really want is a furry man in briefs standing at your bedside. Pridemoji, a $0.99 sticker app for iPhone and iPad, provides him and other sexy studs in different skin tones so you can show your sexting partner exactly how you’d like to see them.

If you’re simply starving for even more gay, sexy emojis, check out Boymoji, Gmojiz and YAAAS!

This article was originally published on December 18, 2020. It has since been updated.

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