These Pics from the Gay Games Wrestling Matches Might Give You a Heart Attack

These Pics from the Gay Games Wrestling Matches Might Give You a Heart Attack

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Today at the Gay Games, we went to the French Institute of Judo to see the Gay Games Wrestling matches. Admittedly, even though we came to watch these wrestling matches, it’s a sport we don’t really understand. But we love to watch anyway.

We watched in rapt interest as one fighter locked the head of his competitor between his thighs, earning him four points. The referee often stays on all fours trying to see what’s happening under the athletes’ entangled bodies.

Two Australians tried to explain to me how it all works. I’m not sure I understood everything, but I’ll admit that I didn’t really care because the sport is beautiful — it scores a 10 out of 10 on my scale of homoeroticism.

And I love the hugs that opponents make at the end of every match … after having their bodies so twisted, thrown and kneaded for a full five minutes.

It is a true sport of kindly contact. I nearly had a heart attack.

On the tatami mats next door, there’s a martial arts competition. Even though I’m ignorant on the techniques of the fight, my interest in the martial arts in general borders on absolute bliss.

One boy performed Kung Fu just for the fans. I didn’t even know techniques and moves like his existed. Martial arts seem like both a very calm and serene sport and an activity that borders on madness, especially when the competitors are screaming while executing their moves.

In fact, martial arts seems a bit like dancing, but with a pair of swords, a bamboo stick or fans. It’s beautiful yet serious, and it apparently requires total concentration.

See our favorite sights of the Gay Games wrestling matches below:

How amazing are the Gay Games judo athletes?

Images via Mathias Casado-Castro

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