Follow These 10 Sexy Gay Yoga Masters on Instagram to Find Your Inner Chi

Follow These 10 Sexy Gay Yoga Masters on Instagram to Find Your Inner Chi

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While yoga and meditation may not get as many mentions in media as other individual sports like running or swimming, it’s still a demanding personal practice that shapes the body and transforms the mind. So, to inspire you to start practicing yoga (maybe start by trying a yoga app that really works), we’ve found 10 sexy gay yoga masters for you to follow on Instagram.

Each of their Instagram accounts is full of great shots and amazing poses, and each one of these guys has his own sexy, spiritual appeal.

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Here are 10 sexy gay yoga masters to follow on Instagram:

1. Ivan Chanis

Chanis is a yogi, international human rights specialist and attorney. He’s president of the Iguales Foundation and recently wrote an article on LGBTQ rights in Panama.

2. Fabio Caio

Caio is a dancer and author whose Instagram not only features him in various yoga poses, but also shows snapshots of his travels. (And himself pulling off some impressive dance poses.)

3. Julio Bajdaun

Bajdaun is an international yoga teacher, filmmaker and practitioner of AcroYoga, which combines yoga with acrobatic techniques. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

4. Filipe Saboia

Saboia is a Brazil-based physiotherapist who also offers instruction in Pilates and AcroYoga. He’s also a champion pole sports athlete — a competitive performance sport that combines acrobatics, gymnastics, floor and pole dancing.

5. Michael Hi

Hi is a yoga practitioner with a knowledge of plants and a love of body painting. He exhibits his love of color and form on his Instagram by using colorful filters to turn his home yoga shots into eye-popping artwork.

6. Mario Austin

Austin in a Washington, D.C.-based yoga master who once volunteered for an event called Stonewall Yoga, billed as “the gayest yoga class you’ll ever take.” He said, “Yoga heightened my attention to mental health because there are so many things that trigger stress. Yoga gives me the constant reminder to take a deep breath and not worry about things I have no control over.”

7. Steven Kane

Kane says he uses meditation and yoga to help him “uncover my truth and courageously sing it out.” Not only is he a singer and yoga practitioner, but he also offers voice and acting workshops.

8. Heberson Oliveira

Oliveira is a Brazilian Vibhava Yôga Teacher who is inspired by art, nature and culture. He teaches classes to French-speakers and uses yoga to help cultivate feelings of gratitude and introspection.

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9. David Anglosardo

Anglosardo lives in Sardinia, Italy, and is a practitioner of movement and unconventional yoga.

10. Luigi Prato

Prato is a Sicilian-born yoga practitioner based in Hong Kong who practices his craft out in public, as his several sexy yoga photos show.

Did you know about any of these gay yoga instructors? Did we miss one of your faves? Let us know.

This article was originally published on November 27, 2020. It has since been updated.

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