The #GreatGayStayIn of 2020: Here’s How 12 Hornet Users Are Spending Their #LGBTQuarantine

The #GreatGayStayIn of 2020: Here’s How 12 Hornet Users Are Spending Their #LGBTQuarantine

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With more than 25 million users around the world, on any given day the Hornet Feed features slices of life from a wide variety of guys. And, yes, that includes during this #GreatGayStayIn of 2020! Guys around the world are stuck at home, social distancing, but continuing to be social through interaction and engagement with the community. How are YOU spending your #LGBTQuarantine?

We wanted to showcase how Hornet users from around the world are spending their time while alone at home. Some are staying fit with tailored-for-the-living-room workouts, while others are catching up on their reading lists. Some are self-quarantining all alone, while others are lucky to have a partner at home with them.

Here are 12 of our favorite #GreatGayStayIn posts from the past week:

1. Mateus from Brazil (@mateusgama)

2. Matt from Thailand (@matt06sg)

3. Tif from France (@tifennrob)

4. Ebi from the Netherlands (@ebiheykal)

5. Khaled from Indonesia (@khaled_01)

6. Göze from Turkey (@gingerbeard!)

7. Nikolay from Russia (@dare_2dream)

8. Serg from Ukraine (@serg_grish)

9. Carlo from Germany (@que.guapo)

10. Kazım from Turkey (@zincirkazim)

11. Hao from Taiwan (@haohaowang)

12. Vladimir from Russia (@burningice)


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