5 Amazing Moments From the Gucci Runway Show That Have Nothing to Do With Fashion

5 Amazing Moments From the Gucci Runway Show That Have Nothing to Do With Fashion

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The title of the new Gucci Fall 2018 collection is “Cyborg.”

“Gucci Cyborg is post-human: it has eyes on its heads, faun horns, dragon puppies and doubling heads,” says creative director Alessandro Michele. “It’s a biologically indefinite and culturally aware creature.” Alright then!

Image via REUTERS/Tony Gentile

Inspired by feminist philosopher Donna Haraway’s 1984 essay “A Cyborg Manifesto,” the concept of this Gucci Fall 2018 collection, presented recently in Milan, is about cyborgs presenting as human, shirking off society’s traditional gender labels.

To further elaborate his design process, Michele told the press, “Our job (as creatives) is a surgical job: cutting and assembling and experimenting on the operating table.”

Indeed, the Gucci Fall 2018 collection reflects this crossed-culture idea. Michele reconstructed traditional garments like Russian babushka headscarves into something new. He also mixed Chinese pajamas with Scottish plaid for a fresh look. He even applied pop culture, like manga, as part of his design inspiration for the collection.

But alongside the fabulous clothes and accessories, there was another unique feature of the Guci Fall 2018 runway presentation. To bring his “cyborg” vision to life, Michele worked with Makinarium, a Rome-based special effects company, to produce several unusual items conveying his idea of ‘cyborg chic.’

Like the operating bed set up in the middle of the runway (above), several unique props appeared in the show. These special-effect props were the other star of the collection.

Here are 5 other memorable props from the Gucci Fall 2018 Show:

1. This Severed Head

gucci fall 2018 3

Want a head as your new accessory? This severed head happens to be a replica of the real model’s head. According to Makinarium, this creative process took the firm about six months to complete.


2. These Faun Horns

Is he a man? Is he a goat? Either way, this cyborg pulls off geeky chic beautifully.

3. This Baby Dragon

This look featuring the baby dragon gives us Game of Thrones realness. Maybe we’ll see Daenerys Targaryen sporting this fierce outfit in the long-awaited final season.


4. This Third Eye

An idea for this year’s Halloween costume?


5. This Sheer Garment Bag

The sheer garment bag isn’t technically a prop. But we can picture this ‘fashion invention’ being used as an expensive bug repellent for someone.


What did you think of the Gucci Fall 2018 runway show? Sound off in the comments.



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