These 17 Sexy Dudes in Knitted Jockstraps Will Make You Feel All Warm and Snuggly

These 17 Sexy Dudes in Knitted Jockstraps Will Make You Feel All Warm and Snuggly

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JR Carrillo describes himself as “just your average bearded knitter, spinning out extra hot shiz for cool kids who enjoy something a little more unique.” But he’s actually the artist behind Haus of Betch, a retailer specializing in made-to-order, knitted jockstraps.

He gets his inspirations from pop culture, styling his colors and patterns off of palettes used in the designs for characters like Pikachu from Pokémon, the Peanuts gang from Charles Schultz’s comic strip, Sailor Moon from the beloved anime series of the same name and even Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The California designer began experimenting with knitting jockstraps in 2015. He does most of his work after his full-time weekday job and on the weekends.He has since amassed a modest Instagram following by sharing his playful designs worn by a diverse array of models.

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In an interview, Carrillo said, “I have tried to make it my mission to be as diverse as possible on my page, showing that you don’t have to look any certain type of way and that everyone has the right to feel fun, flirty and sexy!”

Carrillo also said that his Haus of Betch knitted jockstraps are comfortable and supportive because of his soft yarn and strong knitting  — they’re not just for looks. However, he suggests hand-washing them so that his more delicate designs don’t get handled too roughly by a washing machine.

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Jockstraps were reportedly invented around 1874 as a men’s undergarment for bike messengers. They have since become an iconic (and revealing) piece of athletic wear for both jocks, physique models and go-go dancers.

The straps perfectly frame the buttocks and the pouch shows off a man’s endowment without revealing too much.

Here’s a gallery of knitted jockstraps from Haus of Betch:


Featured image via Haus of Betch Instagram

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