Do You Know Your Town Better Than Most? Here Are 5 Reasons to Become a Hornet City Ambassador

Do You Know Your Town Better Than Most? Here Are 5 Reasons to Become a Hornet City Ambassador

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Do you love your city? Do you enjoy telling people why they should come and visit — or maybe even move there? If that sounds like you, you may be interested in the Hornet City Ambassador program.

We want to know all about you and where you live: Do you consider your city safe for the LGBTQ community? Do you have any tips for travelers, or maybe even an interest in meeting fellow Hornet users and showing them around? Maybe there’s a great new restaurant offering brunch that you think Hornet users would like to know about. All of that information is particularly valuable for the Hornet community — and we’ll reward you for it!

Here are 5 reasons to join the Hornet City Ambassador program:


1. You’ll get a Hornet City Ambassador profile badge.

From the moment you sign up for the Hornet City Ambassador program, you’ll get a badge on your profile denoting you as such. This badge also lets you into special sections of our website, including allowing you to add and edit Places (bars, coffee shops, hotels, etc.) using the Hornet Community forum. The Hornet Places you add will display to Hornet users worldwide under the app’s “Places” tab, so you’re directly influencing all the Hornet experience for all users.


2. You can help us by organizing and attending meetups with other Hornet users.

What better way is there to meet other users in person? Hornet City Ambassadors can organize (or just attend) local meetups, which allow users with similar interests to get together and discuss serious topics or maybe just enjoy some drinks and have fun.


3. You can share important information about your city.

Hornet’s international content team looks to Hornet City Ambassadors for their expertise. From issues of safety and discrimination to advice on your city’s best gay bars or coffee shops, by making yourself available to our team you are helping other residents and visitors to your city through your contributions. And because the information you provide will be integrated into the Hornet app itself, your contributions will reach a very large, international audience.


4. Hornet City Ambassadors help tourists and travelers in really helpful ways.

Though City Ambassadors are there to help fellow men in their own city, the Hornet Places tab is particularly useful for tourists and people who have just moved to your city. The Hornet Community platform features a list of members and ambassadors by location, making it very easy for a user to find an ambassador and ask a question. As a Hornet City Ambassador, you could be that user’s go-to person for help or information.


5. Hornet will offer you rewards!

This is our favorite part of the Hornet City Ambassador initiative. For all your good work in helping fellow Hornet users, we’re more than happy to reward you in a number of different ways. We already mentioned the Hornet City Ambassador badge, but you’ll also be provided with Hornet swag, special access to official Hornet events and even opportunities for professional growth. (Including an offer to become a Hornet team member!) Not to mention community points for each action you take a Hornet City Ambassador, which will soon become LGBT Tokens, a new cryptocurrency!


Join the Hornet City Ambassador program today by heading to the Hornet Community and registering. Once you do that, someone from the Hornet team will reach out to you directly!


Featured image by Nicolas McComber via iStock

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