We’re Living for This Journalist and Activist Who Called Transphobic Piers Morgan an Idiot to His Face Editors' Picks

We’re Living for This Journalist and Activist Who Called Transphobic Piers Morgan an Idiot to His Face

Written by Matt Keeley on July 16, 2018
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Is there anything better than watching alleged journalist Piers Morgan get schooled? This morning, journalist and activist Ash Sarkar (pictured above) went on his show Good Morning Britain to talk about Donald Trump‘s visit to the United Kingdom this week, and the protest going along with it. When he started putting words in her mouth, Sarkar wouldn’t have it and eventually called noted idiot Piers Morgan exactly that — an idiot.

The clip starts out relatively tame. Though Morgan is clearly being combative, he covers it with a thin veneer of the “civility” the right’s always blathering on about. But when Ash Sarkar talks about how she’ll be protesting Trump in Westminster, Morgan asks if she found Obama’s deportation of three million people “unconscionable” as well, to which she answers, “Yes, yes I did.”

piers morgan donald trump idiot piers morgan
Alleged journalist and noted idiot Piers Morgan with friend.

Morgan then asks, “Where were your protests over Obama then?” and keeps talking over her as she tries to explain that, yes, she did actually protest Obama too. He keeps hammering away about the lack of an Obama protest because he won’t let her speak to explain that she protested him too.

But Ash Sarkar wasn’t having it. In a rare moment when Piers Morgan shuts his mouth, she was able to say, “I would actually encourage you to check out some of the other work that I’ve done —” where he cuts her off again to scold her for not “check[ing] out some basic facts about your hero Obama.”

Hilariously Sarkar shouts, “He’s not my hero! I’m a Communist, you idiot!” But the idiot Piers Morgan seemed hell-bent on proving her correct by saying there were no protests against Obama or Vladimir Putin. (Whaaaaat?)

Sarkar replied, “Stop strawmanning your guests to make up for your own incompetence as a journalist because you didn’t hold Trump to account when you interviewed him.”

As always, Morgan’s softball interview with Trump is a sore spot and Morgan sputters about how he totally did hold Trump accountable. He keeps saying that Ash Sarkar is pro-Obama, which she repeatedly denies, ending the segment saying “I’ve been a critic of Obama, I’ve been a critic of the Democratic party because I’m literally a Communist.”

This is far from the only time the idiot Piers Morgan has outed himself as such on Good Morning Britain. He recently got into a row with Lily Allen, although our favorite may have been this segment (above) where he gets frustrated at the stupidity of a reality show contestant and attempts to show her up by asking her about the Pythagorean theorem.

Unfortunately for Piers, he utterly self-owned — he asked her to name “Pythagoras’ theorem to 5 decimal places.” The more mathematically inclined readers will already be chuckling to themselves, but, wait — it gets better

When his co-host asked if he could do the same, he said “I do, yes: 3.147 are the first four digits.” Which:

  1. The Pythagorean theorem is a2 + b2 = c2 and is used to calculate the hypotenuse of a right triangle with sides a, b and c.
  2. Piers Morgan is thinking of the mathematical constant pi
  3. Except, he even got pi wrong. Pi, or π, to five decimal places is 3.14159.
  4. And if you’re feeling especially uncharitable, he also got the definition of “five decimal places” wrong, only giving his version of pi to three.

So, yes — if there were ever any doubt, Ash Sarkar was right to call the idiot Piers Morgan an idiot. If only everyone did so to his face whenever he tried to open his mouth. The world would be a much better place.

(P.S.: Never forget about the time Piers Morgan tried to frame an LGBT youth group as a pedophile sex ring.)

Watch the Ash Sarkar versus the idiot Piers Morgan video below:

What choice words would you have for noted idiot Piers Morgan?

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