Piers Morgan’s Kisser Is Firmly Lodged in Donald Trump’s Ass, and This Illustration Proves It

Piers Morgan’s Kisser Is Firmly Lodged in Donald Trump’s Ass, and This Illustration Proves It

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Earlier this week, the Piers Morgan Donald Trump interview aired — the first international TV interview for the president. As befits Morgan, the interview was a sycophantic mess that was relentlessly mocked on Twitter. The BBC even got into the act, when their satirical news program The Daily Mash showed a picture of the alleged journalist rimming the president. But Morgan was not pleased — and kept irately retweeting the image.

BBC2’s The Daily Mash ran a segment with Rachel Parris explaining the differences between a hard-hitting interview and a celebrity puff piece. It opens with her explaining that in a hard-hitting piece, the interviewer and subject face off with “several meters between them…. Whereas in the Trump interview, the staging hinted at a greater intimacy between the two men.” And you can guess what image illustrated this point.

Parris also points out some of the ridiculous things Morgan said in the interview, like “You’re half-British, right?” and “I like your tweets!” Morgan also refused to call Trump on any of his most obvious lies. Parris also looks at Morgan’s past — like a segment on Good Morning Britain starring Morgan which asks “Is your baby a bigot?”

But instead of focusing on any of the real, legitimate criticisms of Morgan in the piece, he decided to focus on the rimming cartoon:

The first tweet (above) focused on the “double standard” about showing “high profile women”, though when that didn’t garner sympathy, Morgan pivoted to accusations of homophobia:

Morgan being concerned about homophobia is particularly rich — in the ’90s, Morgan tried to get writer Ben Myers to frame a gay youth group to  make them look like pedophile pimps.

Ironically, Morgan has more Twitter followers than people who watched the original Daily Mash segment — so by repeatedly tweeting out the “offending” image, he made sure more people saw it than otherwise would. (After all, this writer’s an American who would have never seen the Mash segment had it not been for Morgan’s complaining.)

While Morgan was fishing for sympathy, he didn’t get it. Most of the tweets were critical of Morgan, rather than the Daily Mash:

Watch the original Piers Morgan Donald Trump rimming segment below:

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