It’s Ok To Unfollow

It’s Ok To Unfollow

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It’s time to let that person go.

The past few months have been an enlightening time. They have opened our eyes to the real situations of our lives and allowed us to reflect on what we want in our futures. Sometimes that means we might need to cut off a social media friend or two. Sometimes even cutting off a real life friend.

Whether they have fought with you over issues like the Black Lives Matter movement, have retweeted homophobic or transphobic articles, have committed risky acts like not wearing a face mask, or have been acting a fool for clout and popularity — there are many reasons you might need to readdress your relationship with a toxic person.

But how do you truly know if someone is toxic to your well-being? As Dr. Kelly Campbell, an associate professor of psychology and human development at California State University, San Bernardino, told MyDomaine, “A toxic friendship is one that violates the norms and expectations of friendship.” 

She then added, “friends should have your best interest at heart, stand up for you in your absence, keep your secrets, treat you with respect, be trustworthy and supportive, and be happy for your successes. When these norms are not upheld, the friendship may be toxic.”

But even if we recognize a relationship, friendship or internet connection is not good for us, we often fight the need to unfollow. Why? Often, it’s a fear of being judged for seeking what we need. Or a fear of seeming rude or mean. But you know what? Sometimes that’s required to get what you want in life.

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