Our 5 Current Obsessions: The New Louis Vuitton Mule, a Hidden Flask and a Phone Case With Legs

Our 5 Current Obsessions: The New Louis Vuitton Mule, a Hidden Flask and a Phone Case With Legs

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If you’re a fashion-conscious guy, the new Louis Vuitton mule is the only footwear you’ll need this summer. While you’re out and about, be careful not to drop your phone — but if you do, make sure you’ve got this screen-saving phone case. From luxury fashion to useful gadgets, here are this week’s current obsessions.

1. Dodgy Dogs

Dodgy Dogs, a new card game illustrated by visual artist Jean Jullien, is about our beloved furry friends caught being naughty. Similar to Go Fish, players need to dump of all their Dodgy Dogs as fast as possible. Up to five dog-lovers can play at once. Pre-orders start at $20, dodgy-dogs.com 

2. ADcase

We’ve all dropped our smartphone at least once. Maybe you were lucky, but we’re betting you’ve shattered the glass before or, worse, damaged the insides beyond repair. But now with this new innovative smartphone case from ADcase, you can protect your phone even if you’re constantly dropping it. The case can sense when your phone’s falling, and it ejects its spring-action legs to absorb the shock. Drop your phone all you want and the ADcase will take care of you. Price upon request, ad-case.de

3. Hammer multi-tool

Efficiency is key. We’ve covered the USB-equipped Swiss Army Knife and a Swiss Army-inspired kitchen multi-tool. For the woodworkers in your life, there’s now the hammer multi-tool, with ten functions including wire cutters, screwdrivers and a saw blade, making home improvement projects easy. $18, amazon.com 

4. Honolulu Mule from Louis Vuitton

This gorgeous Louis Vuitton mule is our luxury footwear pick for the summer. Complete with the signature LV monogram canvas on the upper and a strap bearing a reflective Louis Vuitton logo. Your feet should be as fashionable as the rest of you, and this high-class pair of mules does the trick. $950, us.louisvuitton.com 

5. Flask Book Box

Genius! What a perfect way to show the world you’re a reader while getting your drank on at the same time. Each box is made from a reclaimed library book and stores a six-ounce flask in its hollowed-out pages. $56, uncommongoods.com 

Isn’t the Louis Vuitton mule perfect for your next outdoor party?


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