The All Stars Chop: The Third Queen to Go Talks Acceptance, Kennedy Davenport and the Upcoming Twist!

The All Stars Chop: The Third Queen to Go Talks Acceptance, Kennedy Davenport and the Upcoming Twist!

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Milk is one of the most creative and “out of the carton” contestants to ever hit the runway. Adding her to RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 seemed like a no brainer. She definitely came back with some new tricks up her sleeve, and definitely was looking to show the judges how far she’s come since leaving season 6. Sadly, she was eliminated during the acting challenge by Kennedy Davenport in a move that many found controversial. I sat down to talk with Milk about that elimination, audience perception of how she came back and the twist that is yet to come…

What made you go back for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3?

To be a part of a historic television show that is so important to our community is definitely a highlight. I wanted to share what I have learned since season 6 and share the transformation I’ve had. I wanted to be given a little bit bigger of a platform to share some of my work and what I have been doing within the queer community.

Was there anyone that you were surprised to not see when you first hit the workroom?

I was surprised to not see Valentina, I definitely thought she would be there. I was also surprised not to see Kim Chi there; definitely surprised not to see those two beautiful ladies.

The episode last night was rough for you last night from a viewer perspective. Right off, why do you think Kennedy Davenport chose to send you home?

The queens on All Stars 3 did not necessarily reach a unanimous consensus on how we would eliminate someone. It could be track record-based, performance-based, or it could be personal. In this situation, emotions were high and we had just come off of a tough, but fun challenge. Kennedy’s decision did not seem to be track record-based. It was just the decision that she made in her heart with her emotions. It’s all good though!

Obviously Kennedy was irritated with you and expressed that to Aja during their workroom conversation that you were not a part of. Is it difficult to get past either a minor or a major beef with a Drag Race sister after the whole world has seen it play out on screen and you both are now back in the real world?

Not really. We each know going into the experience that we are part of this legacy of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the point of the show is entertainment. We’re there to be in this high-stakes and high-pressure situation. We know things are going to be said in the moment and they are just that — said in the moment. They don’t hold any standing when we are back outside the show and touring together and being friends. It’s interesting to hear you being talked about, but at the same time, it’s all good. We know it’s part of the job.

Some viewers have commented on you wanting a critique for your Celine Dion look, or have stated that you are expecting more than you should be getting this season. What are your thoughts?

I came onto All Stars with a confidence that if I worked hard and did my best, I would reap some rewards. Everyone does. I worked very, very hard during that challenge and maybe it was not seen by everyone. I relate it to wanting a promotion or a raise. If you’ve worked very hard to get it, but in the end it goes to someone else, it is going to be very emotional. For anyone. I worked hard, hoping to reap some rewards, but it just didn’t work out in the moment.

There is always a twist with All Stars. How surprised were you with the second twist that is coming up?

It’s always so very exciting. We, as the queens, watch the show and are such big fans, and we are always hoping for something crazy too! It was just completely unexpected. My face, when Ru came onto that screen when I was holding the statue of her in my hands, I was like “what am I getting into — again!?”

Who was your Snatch Game challenge character going to be? You went home one week before that very famous challenge.

In Snatch Game, you can only perform real people, no fake characters. I was gonna do the Virgin Mary. To millions of people she was a real person!

You posted a letter that your father wrote you about coming out and it went viral, and his acceptance and love for you was simply beautiful to see. How is your relationship now?

It’s amazing! Both he and my mother and my siblings are all very supportive of my life and my drag career. I never thought I needed it. I never thought I needed approval from my family. To have it is so powerful. They are doing amazing.

In times that can be dark for our community at times, how do you stay inspired at times?

I think in our world right now, where people are being repressed, that is the time where many people gain their inspiration including myself. They gain their rebellious spirit. Not to act out violently or with hateful words, but through art and through creativity. Anger and frustration have always been a catalyst for amazing and beautiful work. Powering through things one day at a time is how I do it.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars airs Thursday nights on VH1.

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