A Mugger Robbed Miz Cracker and Her Friend in Dublin This Weekend

A Mugger Robbed Miz Cracker and Her Friend in Dublin This Weekend

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Miz Cracker was mugged in Dublin over the weekend, y’all. At least, that’s what she wrote on Twitter Friday night. The comedy queen from Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race was in Ireland‘s capital city to perform in the RuPaul’s Drag Race: 10’s Across the Board drag show. On their way to the show, Cracker and his friend Katelyn got “mugged.”

We put mugged in quotes up there because mugged literally means “to attack and rob someone in a public place.” And while Cracker was definitely robbed, his recount of the attack on Twitter made it sound like his purse was snatched — he didn’t mentioned being physically attacked, so it’s unclear if that’s also what happened.

Announcing news of the robbery, Cracker wrote via Twitter, “Katelyn and I just got mugged in Dublin. Bring us lots of snacks and love at these next few meet and greet.”

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Cracker continued, “We are okay! Just lost money + cards + ID, so we are basically moneyless right now until we get things sorted. Otherwise we are fine. He ran by and snatched it so fast, we were left in shock. Thank you everyone!”

Miz Cracker riding on a New York subway

Fans reacted with shock, sadness, outpourings of love and a little humor. Some  offered to temporarily loan Cracker their debit cards and identities over the weekend. Many others thanked her for turning out a fierce performance at the clurb that night anyway. (Yes, clurb.)

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In fact, when Cracker took the stage (video below), he received nearly two minutes of rapturous applause from the audience, barely even given a moment’s quiet to get in a word. At one point he simply held the mic, appreciatively while the crowd chanted “Cracker” over and over again.

When Miz Cracker first graced the workroom of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the New York drag performer explained his drag name. As a resident of Harlem, Manhattan’s predominantly black neighborhood, he said he gets called “cracker” all the time. At another point, he further explained his name by saying, “I’m thin, I’m white and I’m salty.”

Thank goodness Cracker didn’t break when a thieving thug tried to make him crumble — stay salty, Cracker!

What was your reaction to hearing Miz Cracker was mugged in Dublin?

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