Drag Queen Ninny Nothin Wants You to ‘Be Whatever You Desire to Be’

Drag Queen Ninny Nothin Wants You to ‘Be Whatever You Desire to Be’

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Drag queen Ninny Nothin (The Lips of Providence, Rhode Island) has something empowering to say and it’s real easy on the ears. In Nothin’s first video, the queen urges listeners to “Be Whatever You Desire to Be,” which is a life lesson we should all learn.

Nothin’s latest track serves pop-trap style with serious bass and enough vocoder to make Cher jealous.  The hook-laden song is a  collaboration with London’s Bold Queens project and Wolfellino, the established pop music producer from Milano, Italy. The lyrics are on-point, conveying Ninny’s personal secret to empowerment, advising the listener to become a Ninny. Though a ninny is a fool, there’s nothing foolish in this queen’s message: step up and become free to live your life, love your way and be whomsoever you desire to be.

Ninny Nothin

The music video was shot by Garrett Beltis, a Stamford-based multimedia artist. The video is a pastiche of the popular Haim clip for “Want You Back,” the one where the girls walk down the street and share good vibes with the camera. But in the editing room, it soon became obvious that there was only one direction to go: more Ninny Nothin.

As a testament to his insight and skill Beltis framed a series of solo performances against a simple wall, giving space for the charismatic star. The final edit is infectious and pays witness to every nuance, every look and action delivered by the drag queen. Viewers are sure to be bewitched by Ninny’s face pulling, fun choreography and uplifting character. It’s impossible not to smile while watching the video, and it will grant you the freedom to release your very own inner Ninny.

Watch Ninny Nothin’s music video for “Be (Whatever You Desire to Be)” below:

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