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Don’t Scare Off the Man of Your Dreams: Avoid These 8 Profile Pic Clichés

Don’t Scare Off the Man of Your Dreams: Avoid These 8 Profile Pic Clichés

Written by Zachary Zane on December 02, 2018
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While the old saying is “A picture is worth 1,000 words,” on dating apps a picture is worth all the words. And many men are in desperate need of some profile pic tips.

Lord knows if you don’t like someone’s pics, you’re not going to reply to his message, and you’re definitely not going to agree to meet up with him. That’s why it’s imperative to have a profile that makes you stand out … in a good way.

So, to keep you from making the wrong impression, here are eight profile pic clichés to avoid.

1. Shameless excuses to be shirtless

profile pic tips 1

I get it. You work your butt off at the gym, and you want to show off that rockin’ bod. And yes, we want to see that smoking hot body, but if your profile pic consists of you holding up your shirt revealing your abs in a locker room selfie, you might come across as a self-absorbed D-bag.

You have to make your photos a little more subtle so that guys think, “Oh, he has a nice body, but he doesn’t think he’s hot shit.” At least wearing a tank allows you to show off your arms humbly.

2. Pics with (hotter) friends

profile pic tips 2

I mean, definitely don’t do this. And let’s be real — you know who your hotter friends are. (If you don’t, you’re lying to yourself.) And while I love my ridiculously attractive friends to death, I don’t want to include them in my profile pics, because I’m not trying to be the less cute one!

3. Big sunglasses and hats that cover your face

profile pic tips 3

When people see this, they’re likely to assume you’re unattractive. It’s the truth. Why else would you cover up your face? So remove those sunglasses and hat and let us see those pretty eyes. (Assuming, of course, you’re not discreet.) 

4. Blurry pics

profile pic tips 4

One of the most important profile pic tips: Boys, it’s 2018. We all know how to take clear photos from our phones, which means blurry pics are inexcusable. They’re also a sign the pic itself is pretty old (because often it’s a photo of a hard-copy photograph). No one wants to see your photos from seven years ago. We want to see what you look like today.

5. Mountain top pics

profile pic tips 5

You’re active! You like doing fun things like hiking! You also like hiking shirtless! OK, so there’s nothing bad about this per se, but it’s just kinda … basic? Maybe it’s me, but I’m like, ugh, another one of these “outdoorsy guys.” I get it! You’re out hiking while I’m watching anime on Netflix with a big ol’ bag of Doritos.

6. Anything involving fishing

profile pic tips 6

This tends to be more of a straight guy thing, but on rare occasions I’ve seen this type of profile pic on gay apps as well. WTF is with you holding that big-ass fish? Is this, like, supposed to be masculine? Do you want to take me fishing, because obviously, no. The only fish I want to see is a drag queen serving me realness.

7. Puppy snapchat filter

profile pic tips 7

Oh. My. God. No. Stop. I can’t. I have nothing against puppies — and I love my leather men who are into pup play — but that stupid filter makes me think you’re 14 years old. And obviously I’m not trying to meet up a minor.

8. Anything resembling a mugshot

profile pic tips 8

There’s a fine line between a sexy smolder and a serial killer-esque mugshot. It’s a line that many gay guys seem to accidentally cross. Sex and dating should be fun. I won’t want to meet up with you if you look like you’re going to chop me up into little pieces and stuff me in your fridge. Be a little more lighthearted. You can even smile!

Constructive profile pic tips:

profile pic tips 9

It would be pretty annoying if I just offered what not to do without providing any tips of what to do, right? But, really, the ideal profile pic is just the opposite of all these clichés. Make sure your pic isn’t blurry. And your face isn’t obscured. And you have a sexy smolder or smile. And you don’t look like a narcissist who’s obsessed with his body. And you show a little body (clothed) with that face. And there are no goddamn fish or puppy filters in your profile!

It really is as simple as that!

Got anymore profile pic tips or clichés for guys to avoid? We wanna hear ’em! Sound off in the comments.

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