Our 5 Current Obsessions: Queer Eye Book, Tesla Surfboard and a New Handbag Collab

Our 5 Current Obsessions: Queer Eye Book, Tesla Surfboard and a New Handbag Collab

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There is nothing the Queer Eye guys can’t do — and the new Queer Eye book is coming soon. Speaking of surprising, Tesla just launched a brand new surfboard. From high tech to fashion, this is our round-up of current obsessions this week.

1. Limited-edition surfboard from Tesla

Creating off-the-beaten-path products is nothing new to Tesla. Back in June, Tesla produced flamethrowers of all things. This month, Tesla is releasing a limited-edition surfboard. Designed in collaboration with Lost Surfboards and Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, this innovative board has the same matte and gloss finishing used on Tesla cars. The board costs about $1,500 and is already sold out — but we can still dream. tesla.com 

2. The Queer Eye book: Love Yourself, Love Your Life

They’ve been on Netflix for two seasons and counting. Now the Queer Eye crew will invade the publishing world by giving you a Queer Eye book that’s “at once a behind-the-scenes exclusive, a practical guide to living and celebrating your best life, and a symbol of hope.” It will also spotlight the Fab Five’s areas of expertise with tidbits and personal anecdotes. Hopefully, this time around, Antoni will give us real cooking information and tips. Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life hits bookshelves Nov. 13th.

3. USB wall charger with a hidden camera

We love tools with more than one use. This LizaCam USB Wall Plug is the perfect example. It’s not only a great charger, but it comes with a hidden camera so you can keep an eye on your living space no matter where you are.  Just tap into the camera’s HD feed straight from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The LizaCam can also record audio and video to a Micro SD card. $50, shop.mashable.com 

4. Belted shorts by OAK

We are obsessed with these belted shorts by OAK, a mens- and womenswear company that prides itself on making diversity (in their design process as well as their workforce) a core principle. With four retail locations — Bond Street, Williamsburg, Short Hills and Los Angeles — they also have an online storefront, so you can get great items like these American-made, 100% cotton shorts. $90, oaknyc.com 

5. Graf Lantz + Wildfang Work Tote

We’re always in the market for the best handbag. The latest collaboration between Graf Lantz, a sustainablity-focused company, and Wildfang Work, an outspoken fashion house, just launched a capsule accessory line for the busy guy. This wax canvas tote also functions as a briefcase, shoulder bag or crossbody. The material is sturdy and can fit a 13″ laptop. This tote is our top pick and a must-have for your closet. $196, graf-lantz.com or wildfang.com 

Are you going to get the Queer Eye Book?


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