Leave It to Justin Theroux to Teach the ‘Queer Eye’ Guys About Vaginas Celebrities

Leave It to Justin Theroux to Teach the ‘Queer Eye’ Guys About Vaginas

Written by Stephan Horbelt on July 31, 2018
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Since Queer Eye returned to the small screen last year, its on-camera stars have no doubt formed numerous celebrity friendships. (After all, the show is just so damn entertaining, and what celebrity wouldn’t want valuable ‘Fab Five advice’ in their back pocket?) But the most surprising bond to come out of the Fab Five’s newfound recognition isn’t with a gay TV actor or a female actress on the hunt for new GBFs. No, it’s the Justin Theroux Queer Eye relationship that we’re most enamored by, because it’s freakin’ adorable.

The actor — you know him from Mulholland Drive, HBO’s The Leftovers and the upcoming The Spy Who Dumped Me, in theaters Aug. 3 — recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and spilled his guts about his new besties. (He’s apparently become close to “Food Guy” Antoni Porowski, “Grooming Guy” Jonathan Van Ness and “Style Guy” Tan France, who he calls “Tanny.” (I MEAN.)

justin theroux queer eye cast
The cast of ‘Queer Eye’ on Netflix

Theroux claims he’s now included in “their little wolf pack.”

Our favorite tidbits from the Justin Theroux Queer Eye guys story:

  • He first met Jonathan Van Ness after sliding into his DMs on Easter. Theroux was making a quiche at home in New York and just … invited him over. The rest is history.
  • Theroux says he’d hoped for a Queer Eye-style makeover but never got one. In fact, he says it’s the opposite, and Theroux finds himself doing all the work to entertain the Queer Eye guys at home.
  • Antoni “made [Theroux] nachos once, and that was about the extent of it.” Mmmhmmm.
  • Theroux helped Jonathan make a crop-top during NYC Pride Week. As you do.
  • “The vagina experiment.” You’re gonna just have to watch the video below. Absolutely hilarious.

Watch the Justin Theroux Queer Eye story from Jimmy Kimmel here:

Justin Theroux was himself famously linked to wife Jennifer Aniston for many years. They were together for seven years (married for two) and broke up this past February.

What do you think of this newfound Justin Theroux Queer Eye relationship?

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