Four Male Models Have Accused New York-Based Photographer Rick Day of Sexual Assault

Four Male Models Have Accused New York-Based Photographer Rick Day of Sexual Assault

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Several male models have accused longtime erotic photographer Rick Day of sexual assault and misconduct while in photo shoots with him. Day is a New York City-based commercial and art photographer who regularly shoots nude and semi-nude men. He has also published several books of his images. Among his accusers are two models named Kai Braden and Barrett Pall as well as the Zakar Twins, the gay Iraqi twin fashion models who are also prolific YouTube bloggers.

Male model Barrett Pall (pictured above) says that during a November 2009 photo shoot with Rick Day, the photographer oiled up his body, constantly adjusting Pall’s underwear while grazing his genitals with his hand. Pall claims that later Day pulled out his penis and masturbated him to completion, with Pall ejaculating on Day’s face.

Pall was a self-professed virgin at the time and says he felt pressured to do as Rick Day wanted because, as a fledgling model, he worried that Day would refuse to release his images of Pall if Pall didn’t cooperate.

Pall says, “I know there are countless guys who have shot with [Day]. Some have had fine experiences; others have gone in warned about what he is like and knew how to navigate his grooming tactics, predatory ways and inappropriate behaviors.”

Male model Kai Braden says that Day was sexually aggressive, oiling up his body, asking Braden to become semi-erect for his poses in a small pair of shorts and even pinning Braden against the wall by the throat. Braden says Day stopped being so aggressive when he told Day he was a virgin.

The Zakar Twins

In a recent interview the Zakar twins said that during an October 2016 shoot the photographer invited them to take some pictures and then separately photographed the brothers while inappropriately touching them and making sexual advances, promising to make them famous.

Michael Zakar says Day tried to touch his anus during their semi-nude shoot. Michael quietly warned his brother Zach to “be careful” before he went in for his shoot with Day.

Zach claims Rick Day said, “I’m going to shoot you, then you’re going to make me shoot,” and repeatedly exposed his penis and touched Zach all over his body before eventually touching Zach’s anus and asking him for sex.

Rick Day reportedly responded to the Zakar Twins’ claims in a message that read, “Hey guys, I just got an email from a reporter. I remember you guys as sweet and as flirtatious as I was. I am sorry I caused you guys any pain. I was not aware that that was how you left feeling. I wanted to reach out to you and say how sorry I am if I caused you ANY pain. Rick.”

Day has not yet responded to his two other accusers.

What do you think of the sexual assault allegations against Rick Day?

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