Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Us About the ‘RuPaw’s Drag Race’ Instagram Account?

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Us About the ‘RuPaw’s Drag Race’ Instagram Account?

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The reality drag queen competition RuPaul’s Drag Race has inspired numerous creative mashups: There have been two inspired by Disney drag, one inspired by Pokémon and one mashed up with Steven Universe. But why had we never heard about RuPaw’s Drag Race, the Instagram account mashing up cats and queens? Seriously. It’s been posting pics of one (un)lucky feline styled after Drag Race queens since Season 7 began.

RuPaw’s Drag Race bills itself as “Instagram’s Premier Cat Drag Queen,” and it apparently involves a very patient cat named Laila who wears handmade “kitty couture” costumes created by Brooklyn designers John Jeffords and Lynzie Rogers.

We’re not talking about some shoddy attempts at replicating famous Drag Race looks, either. We are talking painstaking recreations of the show’s most iconic drag. For real. Kitty girl even has a goddamned audition tape.

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Here is the cat’s audition tape for RuPaw’s Drag Race:

The photos aren’t just of looks from the most recent episodes (although there are plenty of those). Jeffords and Rogers occasionally do throwback shots to past seasons and looks, including Raja from Season 3 and Alyssa Edwards from Season 5 asking, “Back rolls?”

Surprisingly, the cat seems neither drugged nor like it wants to kill its owners. It gives good face and knows how to work for the camera. If it were any more sickening, we’d cough up a hairball.

And if that’s not enough, RuPaw’s Drag Race is actually pretty popular. It has over 130K fans and even a merch store with tote bags, phone cases and T-shirts.

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Here are some shots from RuPaw’s Drag Race:

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