‘Spread the Love’ Here on Hornet By Gifting Awards to Other Users’ Posts

‘Spread the Love’ Here on Hornet By Gifting Awards to Other Users’ Posts

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As part of a campaign we’re calling “Spread the Love,” you can help create a more engaging Hornet Feed for yourself by encouraging other users to post the type of content you want to see. The way to do that is simple: When you come across another user’s post that you really like, send that user an award!

This video pretty much explains it all:

By clicking the “Give Award” button you’ll see below users’ photo posts, you can choose an award. There are several, and they come in several denominations, from 1 – 5,000 Honey.

To gift these awards to other users, you’ll first need to purchase Honey, Hornet’s in-app currency.

When you gift someone an award, they will get a notification saying you’ve done so. And all the awards they receive are transferred into Hornet Points, which can be redeemed for Hornet Premium, Hornet merch and even gift cards. That’s how Hornet users can actually make money by using the app! (You can see more info about the Hornet economy and how everything works here.)

Gifting awards to other users is a great way to snag their attention, let them know you enjoyed their post and help “spread the love” here on Hornet.

And best of all, as part of a limited-time promotion, right now you’ll get double the Honey when you purchase in the Hornet Shop. You don’t need a promo code or anything. You’ll just get double the Honey when you purchase now!

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