This Week on Instagram: 16 Sexy, Stylish Men Who’ll Get You Feeling Mighty Real

This Week on Instagram: 16 Sexy, Stylish Men Who’ll Get You Feeling Mighty Real

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It’s the weekend! So while you’re enjoying some well-deserved time off or a small break from your workday, check out these 16 sexy, stylish queer men and their latest updates from this week on Instagram. We promise each one will either bring a smile to your face or make you curious about following them.

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Aboriginal fitness and health expert Casey Conway took a second to smile with a friend.

Two Thai travelers scoped out beautiful sites on The Gay Passport.

Scottie braided his friend’s hair and shared his thoughts on why “masculinity is a prison.”

Hunky transman Yves participated in today’s March for Our Lives in Washington D.C..

LIVES over BULLETS. A proper fraction for this. currently outside the White House with this poster I made last night. I call B-S! you don’t have to be a certain age to realize that something is wrong, you don’t have to be a certain age to take a stand, you don’t have to be a certain age to fight for justice, you don’t have to be a certain age to emit emotion, you don’t have to lose someone to walk with those who have lost people, this is a us problem! people dying should bother you! heavy! here’s a few numbers for ya & NO this isn’t all of them. 1949 – Camden Shootings (13 dead) 1966 – University Of Texas Shooting (18 dead) 1984 – San Ysdiro McDonalds Shooting (22 dead) 1990 – GMAC shootings (10 dead) 1991 – Lubys Shooting (24 dead) 2005 – Red Lake Shooting (10 dead) 2007 – Virginia Tech Shooting (33 dead) 2009 – Fort Hood Shooting (13 dead) 2009 – Geneva County Massacre (11 dead) 2009 – Binghamton Shooting (14 dead) 2012 – Aurora Shooting (12 dead) 2012 – Sandy Hook Elementary School (28 dead) 2013 – Washington Navy Yard (13 dead) 2015 – Charleston Church Shooting (9 dead) 2015 – Umpqua Community College (10 dead) 2015 – San Bernardino Shooting (16 dead) 2016 – Pulse Nightclub Shooting (50 dead) 2017 – Sutherland Springs Church (27 dead) 2017 – Las Vegas Shooting (59 dead) 2018 – Stoneman Douglas High School (17 dead) (what do all these tragedies have in common? these numbers should not discourage you but encourage you to continue the fight so that one day actual justice can see the light)

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Harlem’s Trappy Hour shared a beautiful bulging friend giving us some seriously hot side-eye.

Rico Dalasam kicked back with a nice cool beer.

Stephon Mendoza mused about how marginalized black gay men have influenced mainstream fashion culture.

Spoke with @nativesonnow about how I think black gay men have influenced the fashion industry. – "Black gay men have influenced fashion in the consciousness of creativity. Growing up in a religious Baltimore family there weren't many gay men around me, but the few that I was in the vicinity of were all extremely creative. – The black gay man has been on the fringe of culture, because they are rejected by the heteronormative perspective of straight culture and the systemic need of the black community to assert their masculinity. Due to the dual rejection of mainstream culture, which is required to be a feminine gay black man in America, the ballroom scene was formed. Where "realness" was a form of escapism, if you could look the part you could be the part. So if you looked "straight", you were straight. If you could look like a "woman" you were a woman. Which at the end of the day, is the essence of fashion: escapism, make believe, play. But then it is elevated by the grown up construct of gender, which the gay black man was more than willing to help subvert through the ballroom scene. The black gay men of this subculture have impacted couturiers like John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier all the way to the progressive silhouettes of black gay designer Shayne Oliver who I credit in our forward outlook on streetwear. – As black gay men, we have created a platform for diversity, comfortability and freedom of expression where individuals are liberated to express and explore themselves internally and externally without limitations." – Let me know how you think black men have influenced the fashion industry? #NativeSon #gay #blackmen #LGBT

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Spanish drag Europop artist La Prohibida recorded a song called “100,000 Years of Light” with one of her favorite musicians.

The Asian man-lovers at boyslove.story searched their apartment passionately for their missing man-friend.

The sexy Chicago artist thealaskanrebel showed off some of his ink — rawr!

The gay Malaysian photographer starwalker82 remembered some of his days traveling in leather pants.

The creator of Naughty Monster fetish wear, pandalun512 enjoyed a Zumba class with his sexy, fun-loving pals.

朋友終於出道教zumba! 弓起

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Sexy Aussie-resident Renn Andizon took a moment to realign.

R E A L I G N I N G . #gratitude #appreciation #feelinggood

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Content creator aumparadise spotted some cool local graffiti.

Comedian Norman Freeman pointed at the person he loves.

Black makeup artist Poetic Drugs continued to slay from his digital runway.

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