#ThisWeekInThirst: A Hunky Jeff Goldblum Statue, Penises for Protest and Iceman Gets Laid NSFW

#ThisWeekInThirst: A Hunky Jeff Goldblum Statue, Penises for Protest and Iceman Gets Laid

Written by Danny Addice on July 26, 2018
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What’s a week without a little thirst? (A boring one, amirite?) This week, San Diego Comic-Con gave us news of a queer character in Voltron, as well as Ezra Miller in sexy Toadette cosplay. We also saw some dildo art, photographs of cute puppies with a cute hunk, and the erection (pun very much intended) of a Jeff Goldblum statue of his iconic, chest-bearing scene in Jurrasic Park, in honor of the movie’s 25th-anniversary.

Click on the titles below for the full story, and enjoy this thirst roundup!

25 Years Ago, Rage Against the Machine Taught Us to Resist Oppression by Baring Their Penises Onstage

That’s definitely one way to rage against the machine, man.


Lestat Is Coming to Hulu as the Platform Picks Up Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles TV Series

We need more queer vampire lovin’


Netflix Just Revealed One of the Main Characters on Voltron is Gay — and Fans Went Wild

Viewers had already been shipping Shiro in a same-sex relationship.


A Jeff Goldblum Statue Was Erected in London With an Exposed Burly Chest

The chest of an angel.

jeff goldblum statue

We Had No Idea That a ‘Condom Sizer Card’ Is a Thing

Seriously. With holes to test, of varying— thickness.


This Brooklyn Artist Covered the Wall Street Bull With Rainbow Dildos and Rode It in a Putin Mask

“It was showing Putin’s dominance over the institutions that are put in place to protect us,” adding, “Anybody who tells you sex toys aren’t good tools of resistance has never had a bag of dicks and a little bit of ingenuity.”


Happy Birthday to Alexander the Great, the Queer King of Ancient Greece

“Throughout all these tumultuous relationships, Alexander earned a reputation as an unusually ethical lover. Plutarch wrote extensively about his many partners, citing Aristotle as inspiration for Alexander’s kind treatment of all he loved.”


Ezra Miller Served Up Queer Nintendo Realness at This Year’s Comic-Con

Categories is … genderless mushroom people.

Ezra Miller cosplay toadette


#FollowFriday, July 20: You Should Be Following These 5 Poets, Artists and Naked Boys Reading

Get to followin’, y’all.


Twitter Mishandling Guy Branum’s Hunky Gay Promo Video Points to a More Insidious Issue

The video still shouldn’t have been banned, but it is sexy AF.


Ink-redible: Tatted Model and Photographer Shane Burnell Shoots Shelter Dogs


❤️Follow @shanesframe ?

A post shared by SHANE BURNELL (@shaneburnell) on


Iceman Lives His Best Gay Life in New X-Men Comic, Has Sex With Former Villain

In the scene, Iceman wakes up all muscled and shirtless in a hotel room bed only to see his blond-haired lover, Pyro, exiting the bathroom and announcing the shower’s free.


These Backstage Shots of Parke & Ronen’s 2019 Collection Will Make You Break a Sweat

It’s a bunch of underwear models. Need we say more?


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