Netflix Just Revealed One of the Main Characters on ‘Voltron’ is Gay — and Fans Went Wild

Netflix Just Revealed One of the Main Characters on ‘Voltron’ is Gay — and Fans Went Wild

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Is classic cartoon mech Voltron gay? Netflix stunned fans of the Voltron cartoon at San Diego Comic-Con by revealing that one of the lead characters in the hit animated series is an out man.


At the Voltron Legendary Defender panel yesterday, cast members and showrunner Lauren Montgomery previewed a clip from “A Little Adventure,” the first episode of the show’s upcoming seventh season. The episode features a flashback showing team leader Shiro, who pilots the Black Lion, with his significant other, Adam.

Montgomery revealed that Adam stayed behind on Earth when Shiro and the Voltron force went into deep space. The two will be reunited this season when the team returns home.

“[Shiro’s] not married yet,” she explained, “but that was the road they were going down until Shiro made the unfortunate decision [to leave]. They drifted apart and that was the end for their relationship. It was definitely something, that beautiful relationship that had developed over years.”

“You’ll see in that little case with the trophies is a picture of Shiro and Adam,” Montgomery added. “They had been flight partners.”

Executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos added that Adam and Shiro were “the coolest guys in the garrison.”

Fans at the con were ecstatic, and the news spread like wildfire, with “Shiro” trending worldwide on Twitter with more than 50,000 tweets.

Some viewers had already been shipping Shiro in a same-sex relationship with fellow Paladin Keith.

Actor Josh Keaton, who voices Shiro, said he was honored to be part of the groundbreaking storyline.

“I wanted to hang back this morning and let #Shiro’s moment be its own,” Keaton tweeted. “That being said, I’m overwhelmed by the amazingly positive response, and both honored and proud to be a part of something so important.”

Fellow Voltron voice actor Bex Taylor-Klaus, who identifies as gay and genderfluid, shared her excitement over the addition of a Voltron gay character.

Shiro actually died in battle, but his mind was preserved in the consciousness of the Black Lion. He was restored in the body of a clone at the end of Season 6, though he now has one arm and all-white hair.

Montgomery and Dos Santos previously worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, which was also known for forwarding queer representation in animation.

Voltron Legendary Defender returns to Netflix on August 10.

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