#ThisWeekInThirst: Laith Ashley and Gus Kenworthy Strip Down, Sexy Folsom Shots

#ThisWeekInThirst: Laith Ashley and Gus Kenworthy Strip Down, Sexy Folsom Shots

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Another week down, another week of celebs getting naked, hunktastic parties and stories about sex. And we’re here to cover it all. From a contentious debate on how much comic book peen is too much comic book peen, to gay porn stars showing off their best assests— poetry. Laith Ashley and Gus Kenworthy even took to Instagram and gave us all a show worth remembering.

We also saw San Francisco’s debaucherous Folsom Street Fair with all the fabulous leather daddy lewks imaginable. Tom Ford released underwear that will have you looking naked, and we discovered the ins and outs of working at a bathhouse.

Click on the titles below for the full story, and enjoy this thirst roundup!

Gus Kenworthy Naked? Don’t Mind If We Do

Gus sure knows how to rock a birthday suit.


20 Sexy Shots From San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair 2018

From guys in leather, rubber and furry getups to drag queens, daddies and sexy ladies in harnesses (or less), there was a little bit of everything roaming the streets on Sunday, Sept. 30 for Folsom Street Fair 2018.


This Hunky Vet’s New Viral Video Has Us Rolling Over and Begging


We Asked These Gay Porn Stars to Write a Romantic Haiku (Yep, Seriously)


Model Laith Ashley Breaks the Internet With His Lastest Steamy Post

That’s one heck of a gift.


10 Things I Learned From Working in a Gay Bathhouse

You’ll find yourself using the phrase “Sir, I’m working” quite a bit.


DC Censors Batman’s Penis While Allowing Dr. Manhattan to Let It All Hang Out


You’ll Look Naked Before You Get Naked While Wearing Tom Ford’s New Underwear Line

“When you take off your pants, you want it to be kind of a great moment — which of course it will be when you take off your underwear, but before you get to that point, why wouldn’t you want silver metallic underwear? Or zebra? or leopard? Or something a little crazier?”



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