This Hunky Vet’s New Viral Video Has Us Rolling Over and Begging

This Hunky Vet’s New Viral Video Has Us Rolling Over and Begging

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Do you know hunky vet Dr. Evan Antin?

The 34-year-old animal doctor was named People magazine’s Sexiest Beast Charmer — and it’s not hard to see why. The eyes, the muscles, those lips.

Evan’s not just insanely good-looking, though. He’s helped animals in need across six continents, from mountain gorillas in Rwanda to warthogs in Indonesia, and he works to educate his social media followers on indigenous flora and fauna.

When he’s not globetrotting, hunky vet Dr. Evan is tending to more domestic critters at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in Thousand Oaks, California. (It’s not far outside of Los Angeles.)

He’s also launched a series of videos showing him interacting with various furry friends. In his latest, Evan’s promoting Happy Pet, his own brand of organic pet grooming products that’s now available at Petco.

The clip shows Evan in the shower — and if we need to tell you anymore than that to get you to watch, you might be on the wrong site.

Evan’s real life fur baby Henry costars in the scene, angry that his master is helping himself to his “shampaw.”

Watch the hunky vet’s new video below. And it really doesn’t even matter whether you own pets or not. Or if you even like animals. (If it turns out Evan did Henry’s voice we may just lose it.)

Below, check out some highlights from Dr. Evan’s Instagram. Animals obviously love him as much as humans. (In addition to Henry, the doc currently lives with a cat, a savannah monitor lizard, a mangrove snake and assorted tropical freshwater fish. Swoon.

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Just came home from a Sunday leg day and… Blue is a total drama queen 👸 Don’t worry-I PROMISE I’M NOT BITING HARD 😆😘😾! Does anyone else have to work so hard just to try to get some love from their cat? And STILL get nothing in return!?…That’s my Bloopie Boy. Willy on the other hand…complete opposite 😽😸🤗. FYI, did you know cats give “Love bites” to show affection? Ever cuddled a cat and suddenly they gently bit you? That may have been a love bite. However, some cats can only tolerate limited amounts of affection and may bite because they’re irritated so be careful lol! #lovebitesonly #blueisnothavingit #catbrat #pawsoutclawsout #ijustwanttobitehim #canthelpmyself #pleaselovemeee #letmeloveyouuuuu

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“I’ve always been passionate about animals,” Evan told Forbes. “I grew up in Kansas, and we had a creek in our backyard where I was always looking for turtles, snakes and insects. I loved insects as a kid… For a split second, I thought I would become a human doctor, but I loved animals too much, and it was my calling to become a veterinarian and an exotic animal specialist.”

Would you buy a pet just so you could go visit hunky vet Evan Antin?