#ThisWeekInThirst: A Swole Cosplayer in Drag, Sweaty Rockstars and Hot Men In White Underwear

#ThisWeekInThirst: A Swole Cosplayer in Drag, Sweaty Rockstars and Hot Men In White Underwear

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The weather’s getting warmer, which is leaving us all thirstier than before. Lucky for us, there’s a tall glass of hunk to swallow this week. From a stellar photo project exploring millennial love and a roundup of Spanish-language YouTube series that are as entertaining as they are sexy, all the way to celebrities in their skivvies and one of our Senior Editors stripping down to compete in Mr. Nude York.

We also saw a cosplayer unafraid to blur the lines of gender (in some bulgy thigh-revealing clothing) as well as an interview with pornstar Boom Banks. Quench your thirst, fellas.

Click on the titles below for the full story, and enjoy this thirst roundup!

Hornet Exclusive: Boomer Banks Is Making the Move to Condomless Porn 

“I want them to feel empowered in a sexy, fun and free way. No shame is my goal. A queer, slutty, empowered human experience.”


Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Shows Off His Booty and Bulge For GayTimes Mag

Furry, funny, fit, and in this case— almost nude— how could anyone not love Gus Kenworthy?


How Did This Mormon Rock Star Become One of the Music Industry’s Loudest LGBT Allies?

“May we continue to progress as a nation as one of love and equality. No divide.”


This ‘Sailor Moon’ Fan Doesn’t Care He Loses Followers by Posting His Drag Cosplay

Those thighs could break through any gender binary.


Model Pietro Boselli Wears White and Gets Wet in New Photoshoot


This Week on Instagram: 16 Sexy, Stylish Men Who’ll Get You Feeling Mighty Real



Internet Personality Cameron Dallas Gets Physical in New Photoshoot for GQ

Who doesn’t love a man in grey sweatpants?


¡Míralas Ahora! Here Are 6 of Our Favorite Spanish-Language YouTube Series

It may not be HBO-level nudity, but some of these Spanish-language videos are still hot AF.


This Artist’s Photos Depict Gay Millennial Love Stories of the Digital Age

“When I found out that 80% of gay men now find committed relationships online, that really motivated me to explore the topic of gay millennial love in the digital age.”


I Competed in Mr. Nude York and All I Got Was a Renewed Sense of Self

“I reclaimed part of my queer identity that night, as I think exhibitionism and a lack of inhibition are part of our collective queer experience. By becoming more in touch with myself, I became more in touch with the queer community I call home.”


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