You’ll Jump for This Viral Video of 3 Studly Olympic Gymnasts Backflipping Into a Pair of Shorts

You’ll Jump for This Viral Video of 3 Studly Olympic Gymnasts Backflipping Into a Pair of Shorts

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Everyone knows that Olympic gymnasts are the hottest athletes in the world — or at least a close second to wrestlers and divers. But seeing as it’s almost the Winter Olympics (and the 2020 Summer Games are still more than two years away), we’ll have to get today’s hot gymnast fix by watching this viral Olympic gymnast video of three sexy, shirtless, British athletes backflipping into a pair of athletic shorts.

First, some background: The video features 22-year-old British Olympic medal-winning gymnast Nile Wilson and fellow gymnasts Ashley Watson and Luke Stoney. In it, two men hold a pair of athletic shorts open for the third man to backflip into.

Together, they successfully complete seven flips into the shorts, sticking the landing each time. But our favorite is the final flip, when muscle-bear Watson flips into the shorts and the three men triumphantly flex and grunt — it’s as playful as it hot.

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No wonder the video has now been viewed more than 4 millions times since Wilson posted it on Saturday.

Here is the viral Olympic gymnast video featuring Nile Wilson:

The viral Olympic gymnast video isn’t the only Olympic hotness around

While we love watching the viral Olympic gymnast video, we’ve also been eyeballing the U.S. Men’s Bobsledding team. Last week, we created a post featuring sexy photos of each one with links to their personal Instagram pages.

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And despite the coldness of at the Winter Olympics, Winter Games athletes are generally pretty hot. Australian-born retired bobsledder Simon Dunn, the first openly gay man to represent his country in the Olympics, spends a lot of time looking super sexy.

There’s also gay New Zealand speed-skater Blake Skjellerup who posted some gold medal-worthy nude pics on Instagram.

When Olympians get sexy on camera, we all win.


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