The Vixen Has Written Her Own Verse for RuPaul’s ‘American,’ Complete With Eureka O’Hara Diss

The Vixen Has Written Her Own Verse for RuPaul’s ‘American,’ Complete With Eureka O’Hara Diss

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Remember The Vixen, that rambunctious Chicago-based rabble-rouser from Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race who famously feuded with Aqauria and Eureka O’Hara and then walked off the reunion show in tears? He only made it to the show’s top seven, which means he didn’t get the chance to join the top four in writing his own lyrics to RuPaul track “American.” But a video recently posted by The Vixen reveals he wrote and performed his own lyrics to it anyway. The Vixen “American” verse contradicts the nationalistic idealism of Ru’s song and alludes to his Season 10 argument with Eureka — the struggle is real, y’all, and The Vixen RuPaul drama continues.

Even though most Drag Race fans heard the version of “American” in which the top four queens all contributed a verse, the original version of the song features only RuPaul.

At the song’s midpoint, Ru sings, “Everybody came here wanting to be free / New York to California, sea to shining sea.”

When performing his own version, The Vixen takes issue with those lyrics, cocking an eyebrow and asking, “Everybody?!? Everybody?”

The Vixen RuPaul drama started early into Season 10 when The Vixen and Eureka started feuding backstage

The Vixen has a point. Historically speaking, Native Americans and Mexicans didn’t come to America wanting to be free because they already lived here. Neither did Christopher Columbus or the Spanish conquistadors who sought gold and slaves more than their own freedom. But we digress.

The Vixen also spits out a new verse for “American.” Here it is:

I’ve been protesting since the seventh grade
cause financial aid ain’t never paid.
They build prisons just to set us straight
but ain’t got the funds to come educate.
It was a godsend way back then
I learned social studies from a black man
who was proud to tell me my history
was more than what this country done did to me.
So fuck slave ships and assassinations —
we invented shit, let’s get black to greatness.
This “woke” shit be exasperating,
and y’all shrug it off like I’m exaggerating.
Fuck you expect from all this neglect,
when the day you’re born you treated as a threat
and taught to live with the disrespect
like getting first place and treated second-best?
They move the finish line and say we overstep
and y’all still don’t get it yet.
They poke at us, call it a threat.
Bitch, go have your cigarette.

The verse ends with a diss to Eureka. If you’ll recall on episode four of Untucked, Eureka and The Vixen got into a ferocious argument. As the argument got more heated, Eureka kept saying she just wanted to go have a cigarette, but The Vixen repeatedly insisted that Eureka had started the fight by “poking the bear.” You’ll notice a “poke” and “cigarette” reference both made it into the Vixen “American” verse.

Here’s a video featuring The Vixen “American” verse:

The Vixen has also shared a video of another black drag queen doing a lip sync to his argument with RuPaul from the Season 10 reunion episode (watch it below). It’s pretty funny.

Here’s a video of a drag queen lip-syncing the Vixen RuPaul drama from Season 10’s reunion:

What do you think of this Vixen “American” verse? Are you over The Vixen RuPaul drama?

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