Episode Four of Hornet’s ‘Voguers of Paris’ Docu-Series Follows Three Dancers’ Liberating Journeys

Episode Four of Hornet’s ‘Voguers of Paris’ Docu-Series Follows Three Dancers’ Liberating Journeys

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For each member of the voguing scene, being on the scene — as a dancer, a runway diva or just a member of a house — feels like a journey of initiation. This can that lead to a double discovery: the discovery of the voguing culture, rich and complex, and then important self-discovery, too.

We will explore this duality in the two remaining videos of our Voguers of Paris docu-series. We will first look into the journeys of several voguers, then we will discuss with them the repercussions of the voguing culture on their personal lives.

For this fourth video, we meet Isaiah Balenciaga (who is also the mother of the Kiki House of Mulan), Riggs Ultra Omni and Tee Jay Khan (who is the Father of the Kiki House of Mercyless). They remember their first steps and discuss their own journey on the scene, which involves finding a name, joining a house (or leaving a house), and finding the category that suits each voguer best.

In the words of Isaiah Balenciaga: “It’s your adrenaline, the small dose you’ll get at every ball which explains that you will always come back for more. Always.”

Watch Voguers of Paris: Trajectories right here:

We first explored the origins of the French Voguing scene (in Voguers of Paris, Chapter 1), and then we looked into the houses. In the third episode of Voguers of Paris, we catch up with Fathers Charly Ebony and Vinii Revlon, who organized the United States of Africa Ball back in October, sponsored by Hornet.

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